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Old 06-06-2011, 09:55 AM
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Sorry for the mispelling of 'POLE." Sometimes fingers are behind in what brain tells them to do and hits the wrong key. I did proof read but missed that one, plus a few others. I see that when liberials disagree with something and don't have a valid argurement they attack the spelling. Right on is what you did.

I can see that you are strongly against the 2d A of the Constitution of the United States. What you don't realize is that once they do away with the 2D A then none of the other Amendments mean anything. The government must fear the people, not the people fear the government.

Did you know that the 1968 Gun Control Act was taken almost word for word from the Gun Registration Act that Germany did before WW II. To get really educated on this check out this web site, and watch the two movies (No Guns For Negros & No Guns For Jews) and read about gun control, which is actually people control. Google it, get educated on the 2d A. you might learn something. Yes, the weapon of mass destruction at the time was the musket. Now we have better weapons, the Constitution did not specify that only muskets were allowed. They left room for improvement in our self protection. The militia at the time the Constitutiion was written included everyone in their state between the ages of 16 and 60. The men provided their own weapons and ammunitiion and I believe a 3 day supply of food. Have not looked that one up, the food thing, for sometime and don't really remember the exact amount. It was NOT the National Guard, but farmers, cobblers and any other male, in good health, in the state.

We, including me and the rest of us, have failed in keeping an eye on our elected officials. We are now paying the price for watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Mork and Minde and the rest of the mindless dribble on TV. We have let our media, the fourth watch dog of government become a servent of those in power.

The two most hated words that I hear are I am a "Career Politican." Public service is NOT a career. The founding fathers never invisioned that but if you read the Federalist Papers, they stated that we should watch out for that or we would lose this great country.

Having served 20 plus years in the Military with two combat tours plus 20 years in Law Enforcement and being in several 3d world nations, there is no place like the United States and we must all work together to stop the "Career Politicans" from ruining this great country. No one knows how WW III will be fought but WW IV will be with sticks and stones.

Have a good day, I know that I will.
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