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Thread: Girl Talk
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Old 01-29-2012, 08:58 AM
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Here's something else you can explore:

Buy a spiral bound notebook (lined or unlined)
Buy a marker you like the feel/color of.
Buy a small flashlight.

Open the notebook so that a page is ready for writing. (fold the cover back)
Tuck it under your bed, along with the other stuff. Make it easy to reach.

If (when) you awaken during the night, pause for a moment in your position and DON'T move. Recognize what has just flown into your mind, or peruse the dream you just awakened from.
Gently reach for your notebook without moving too much and jot down whatever is foremost on your mind. You may only write a word or two.... like: red balloon, for example. Or you may write much more. You may draw a symbol. Do what you are compelled to do, but DON"T READ what you write.
When you have written and feel completed, let the notebook, etc. slip onto the floor, close your eyes and settle in to the same sleep position again. DON'T jostle around.

The next day, REFRAIN from reading your post and turn the page. (you can date the pages if you like)
Place your tools in their under-bed position for the next time you awaken.
Give yourself a week or two before re-reading all your posts. You may find a central theme running through and may be amused or surprised.

The theory is, your subconscious uses this sleep opportunity to sort through things that are pushed aside during the busy day. Sometimes it will be crystal clear and sometimes you will use personal dream symbols to represent things. (another adventure to explore)

What the bonus is..... is that by 'journaling' you are telling your subconscious that you recognize the thought and have recorded the message, so your mind can safely 'delete' it. Your mind will stop repeating and you will go into the sound sleep mode..... OR move on to the next message to yourself... and you can repeat the journal exercise. See?

Sometimes I can't be descriptive of THINGS as I am writing, but I can write down FEELINGS.
(physical or emotional)
I'm hot.
Feet are cold.
Feel sadness, fear, love, etc.
That is adequate too, to release the thought and allow sleep to return.

I find it a valuable and interesting tool, and neat pathway to better sleep.
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