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Batteries will blow up
Old 09-22-2012, 02:26 PM
Golfingnut Golfingnut is offline
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Default Batteries will blow up

Had a full charge on my cart, pulled out of the garage and drove about a mile an noticed that the state of charge meter indicated I had lost one bar already. Then I noticed a hot smell and thought OH &*^&. Stopped, pulled up the seat to check things out and could smell a hot something. Felt around and found one wire very hot and also loose. As I wiggled it around I apparently caused and arch and Ka Blue EEEEEEEE. With my face only about 18 inch from the battery, for some reason the Battery was kind enough to split on the side away from me and battery acid shot out into the parking lot that way. Oh Yea, I feel very fortunate to have both my eyes.

Well, I called **** Aide and they had me loaded and back in my garage in less than 45 minutes. That was impressive. Called Battery Boys over on CR 108 and they supplied me with the proper battery and a new cable and I am back on the road again. Battery Boys are priced very reasonable and they know their business.

At 65, lived on a farm, have been my own mechanic all my life and that was the first battery I even witnessed blowing up. It is real loud and could have been devastatingly dangerous.

NOTE TO SELF: If something smells hot stand back and call the professionals.
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