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Old 03-14-2013, 09:32 AM
Mack184 Mack184 is offline
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Originally Posted by anarick View Post
I notice that some here are saying that they receive phone calls from pushy vendors. My question is how did they get your new phone number? Especially if you have a cell phone? or do you have a land line which is posted somewhere?
Please share.
We have a land-line, but the ringers are turned off and we only use it for OUTGOING calls. We get anywhere from 8-15 calls a day on that line. Otherwise we have our cells and the only people with our cell number is the people we WANT to have it.

Also..the purchase of your home is Public Record Information and can be found in the appropriate county office and must be available to anybody who asks for it. Many of these companies employ people to sweep the public records for new home owner information.

Other ways they get your VERY careful about filling out cards for things YOU WANT such as grocery store discount card a "My Lowes" card, a CVS or Walgreens discount card. All those companies sell off your number. They say that they won't or don't but if you CAREFULLY READ the fine print it says they won't sell your number but by accepting the card you do agree to allow them to share your information with their "related businesses". That means that anybody they want to "relate" to gets your number. In essence..they sell your number.

There is also an investigation going on over the US Postal Service's interesting little "Mail Forwarding Kit". If you notice it comes stuffed with advertisements. Apparently the USPS is sharing your information with these companies, and they are currently being investigated by the Feds over violation of your privacy.

Eternal Vigilence is the best way to keep the creeps off the phone and away from your door.
"I did not get into rock-n-roll just to pick up chicks. However..I was able to adapt". Ted Nugent
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