Day 7 As The Pets Turn

Day 7 As The Pets Turn


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Day 7 As The Pets Turn
Old 09-19-2018, 09:38 AM
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Default Day 7 As The Pets Turn

Day 7 As The Pets Turn

According to The Villages:

“The implication of Lost Pets of The Villages’ policies indicate that some dogs will be boarded for, what could potentially be several days. As previously implies, best practices would have the District refer to organizations that are fully licensed, bonded and insured.”

First, because of what we do, it’s rare we have an animal at all. The finder generally has the pet while we are combing the hood, posting and sharing to find the owner. However, on the rare occasion that we do have a pet for longer than an hour or two, if it doesn’t stay at the finder’s home yes, we do take the pet into our own homes.

So, let’s review….

Sumter County animal Services did not allow people to take pictures of the facility when I was there. Also, I was not allowed to view all the animals. At this time, you can only go in to see the facility for one half hour a week on a Thursday between 11 and 11:30 am with on appointment and only three people can go in.

When I viewed the facility, there were no beds for the dogs and I was told they didn’t put the beds down because some of the dog chewed on them. There is no air or heat and they are on cement floors. There is no one with them 24/7 and most likely no one there in the evening.

On the rare occasion a pet does end up in one of our homes, they have a bed, the home is temperature controlled, someone is there to comfort them 24/7 and we can get the pet back home as soon as we find the owner. NOT tomorrow or Monday morning. We have delivered pets home 24/7 because we know the fear of not having your pet.

We do NOT “board” pets. Boarding indicates we take money for this. What we do is complete voluntary.

I know where I would want my pet to be if my pet got lost. Please folks, put a tag on your pet so that if it does get out, YOU will get the call and not Lost Pets OR the Shelter.

The Villages is calling people telling them this is a “liability” issue. The only liability is sending our pets to a shelter with a history of killing our pets for biting, illness, and they are simply out of time. A shelter with a history of not posting pictures in a timely manner. (BTW we send pictures of all lost and found pets without owners to the shelter in case someone calls)
If the villages wanted to work with Lost Pets of The Villages, they could find a way. Other communities working to go No Kill encourage fostering in place to keep the kennels clear.

The picture below is a picture from Sumter County Animal Services. It is NOT anything that I saw when I was there. This is simply to indicate there is NO bed for this dog. As stated earlier, I was not allowed to take a picture of the animals. Sadly, since I was not allowed to take any pictures, this is the best one I have.

The second picture is a bed we keep set up for any dogs that come into our home. We have beds, toys and love to make them comfortable while they are in our home.

I would also remind you, your pet is already in someone’s home before Animal Services is called. They are taking it out of a home to take it to their facility.

If something happens to your pet and you decide to sue, the most you can get is the price of your dog. Let’s not forget Isabelle. Not only did they not compensate the owner for her wrongful death, I watched the commissioners stare stone faced at her owner as she cried her heart out over the death of her pet. Where did the “insurance and bonding” come in there?

So…. Again, I ask you. From a liability point of view… Which one do you think may be the choice The Villages should be concerned about?

The Villages is taking any options away from Villagers in this decision. Where other communities work with the volunteer groups to keep their pets OUT of the shelter, OUR community CALLS the shelter to pick them up!!!}

Angie Fox
Lost Pets of The Villages
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