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12-06-2017, 05:02 PM
Our goal is to generate an ongoing informational webinar revolving around this important subject. For purposes of discussion we will refer to long term care as: LTC--and--long term care insurance as: LTCi.
Once a LTC situation hits a family, the financial and mental strain can be tremendous.
In the upcoming weeks this column will give readers the opportunity to discuss this subject in this public forum--or--via e-mail to us if you prefer a more private conversation.

FIRST--some background: This column is written by a retiree from the insurance industry and a resident of The Villages. My wife and I purchased a long term care insurance policy a number of years ago. We did so on the advice of good friends that had done the same.
We are glad we did so--as we are confident we have "prepared" for the possibility of a long term care situation happening to one ( or both ) of us.
I am a licensed insurance agent in the State of Florida--and Yes--if you purchased a policy from me I would receive a commission ( just like any other agent that sold you any type of insurance policy ). I pay an advertising fee to this publication for this column and that will probably generate some business coming my way.
However--the most important thing is that YOU become informed on this subject. There
are numerous ways you can go in preparing for a LTC situation.
However--the solutions are not easy ones, and take some planning. The earlier you get educated, the better.
Future columns will include our thoughts, suggestions and answers to questions you bring to this public forum. Let's start with a few comments to generate some discussion:

Does everyone qualify to purchase LTCi?
No--mainly because of poor health. That's why you need to purchase it at a young age
when you are probably in better health. Premiums will be lower, too.
That's why we emphasize strongly that if you have children ( let's say, in their fifties )--
that you urge them to apply for a policy NOW.

Have LTC policies changed over the years in how they offer coverages?
Yes--definitely. Although the policy my wife and I purchased years ago IS a good one--
there are ones out there now that I would prefer to have.

There will be a lot more information available in future columns. Please send your questions and comments to this forum, or for a more private conversation, click below to send an e-mail:

Click e-mail address to e-mail ltcidiscussions@gmail.com