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07-20-2018, 12:01 PM
I met a neighbor that is interested in getting into the softball leagues, but he has not yet been to evaluations. I was reading in the rec news about open play at Saddlebrook on Wednesdays at 2pm. It says "open to all interested men", so I assume that means there are no pre-req evaluations required, but wanted to check before recommending to him as an opportunity to knock some rust off.

Are these sessions usually well attended and are they more league or non-league players, or a mix?


07-20-2018, 04:29 PM
That Rec News info is in reference to practice, they also use to have practice on Sunday mornings. That's all it is, no games, no umpires, no uniforms, it's practice. If your friend hasn't played in a few years, he may want to go before evaluations.

For actually team playing, they will need to be evaluated because for players over the age of 50, they have determined there are five different levels and thus, five different levels of leagues. Whether it's Rec League Teams that play Mon thru Fri mornings or Neighborhood Leagues that play Saturday mornings, you'll be paired with other players of your own ability. If you feel you want to move up or down, that option may be available later.

There is only once exception and that is the RBI (Restricted Bat League) that plays in the afternoons. They usually do not have a summer season for that league due to lack of players. In RBL League level 1 thru 4 will play together on the same team, no level 5 players, they will be distributed so that a team will only have 3 or 4 players of each level on their roster.

Tell your friend to get evaluated first. It's every Tuesday morning at 8:00, although they like you to come at 7:30 the first time at the Buffalo Glen Fields next to the schools on 466. You must go 3 times, doesn't need to be consecutive and then you'll be rated. Sometime in mid-August they will close Buffalo Glen for maintenace until the fall season starts around September 7th. He might have just enough time to get 3 evaluations in if he goes now, otherwise he'll be best to wait until September and then he'll miss the beginning of the fall season.

Do a search on this website for softball leagues and you'll find this topic has been discussed many times and just recently as well.

07-24-2018, 08:09 AM
Do a search on this website for softball leagues and you'll find this topic has been discussed many times and just recently as well.

Thanks, yes, I am familiar with all of the other things you have pointed out and have shared all of that info with my neighbor. I've been to the Sunday morning "practices" myself. The only thing I was curious about was what I read in the rec news. It may, ultimately, turn out to just be a practice session, which is fine. But the announcement in the rec news states that it starts with BP from 2 to 2:30 and is then "open play" at 2:30. It says open to all interested men and there is no commitment but it was not clear on whether or not completion of evaluations is required. I assume it's not required but didn't want to assume.

Bottom line, if you want to play in the organized leagues, 3 evaluations within 6 months and a resulting level rating is a pre-requisite. But if one just shows up for the first evaluation session, you'll be given all of the other information you need to go from there.