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04-20-2010, 10:31 PM
After losing about half of the plants that our landscaping company planted this winter, we decided to do it ourselves. We went around to the local nurseries and found plenty of attractive plants good to below zero temperatures.

It took us about five days of shopping and research to select the plants we wanted, and then another few days of laying them out in the various beds. By taking a few days, we did several different arrangements until we were satisfied.

Although last years landscaper is out of business, we still had the name of one of the workers that we were happy with. Gave him a call and worked out a time to work for us.

It worked out great. We supervised the work and made adjustments as necessary deal with sprinkler issues. In all about 50 items got planted, half three gallon size and half one gallon sizes. He worked from 8:00am to a little after 1:00pm. With tip, it came to $75.

We are very happy with the results, and would recommend him to others who need a landscaping worker. Probably not suitable for planting anything larger than about 30 gallon.

If anybody wants a referral, PM me.

04-21-2010, 08:01 AM
I have had a couple of requests for what we planted. All are good to 0 degrees F.

Indian Hawthorne - Alba
Burford II Nana Holly
Red Ruffle Azaleas
Day Lilies
Society Garlic
Mondo Grass
Nandina Compacta
Dusty Miller

John Deere Nursery HWY 30l N of 466
Double Knock-Out Roses, Bushes and Tree

The plants that survived from last year were Ligustum, Loripetalum, Boxwood and Crepe Myrtle. A Windmill Palm and European Fan did well. The Chinese Fan Palm and Sylvester survived, but with a lot of frost burn.

One palm on our street that was not damaged at all was a Pindo Palm. It looks as good today as when it was planted last Fall.

04-21-2010, 08:16 AM
If you can find a pointed shovel, that is the best tool to cut through the Zoysia grass. We found a sturdy child's shovel that just was perfect. Once the Zoysia is breached, (it is very tough to cut through), the sand underneath is a piece of cake. We put Rapidgrow in the hole and dropped our bushes in and we have had complete success. When starting a new planting area, We plant the bushes and then cover the surrounding grass with layers of newspaper and cover the newspaper with mulch. The newspaper kills the grass and the grass and newspaper biodegrade in six to eight months. The yard cutters are so nice to edge the new beds.

Worked great for us. Things grow so fast here.

P.S. Plant your bushes right away. Take them out of the containers and drop them in the hole and water immediately. It is best to plant them sometime not in the hottest part of the day.

Gracie, Kind of a green thumb and dirty hands for sure.

Disclaimer.....We only planted what we could lift. A 30 gallon sounds heavy. BUT if you get smaller plants, they grow fast.