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08-07-2019, 08:16 AM
The season is upon us Ags, and I hear good things about this team. But the scheduled is murderous. While we are ranked a respectable 11th, we play the #1, #2, #3, #6 and #16 ranked teams in the Coach's Poll. That's kind of ridiculous. Definitely in the Big Boy Football League.

My position by position analysis.

-Defensive Line: Lost some key guys but returns experience and talent. Could be a bit better than last years.

-Linebacker: Weak link on defense as we play some very athletic guys short on experience.

-Defensive Back: Group of previously inconsistent upperclassmen being pushed hard by exceptionally talented new guys.

-Offensive Line: Strong combination of experience and new talent that is sometimes exceptional. Will have more depth in this unit than we are used to.

-Wide Receivers: Exceptional. Strong point of the team especially if Rogers stays healthy. May be the best WR unit in the SEC.

-Tight End: We have more guys at this position with different skill sets than we did last year. Baylor Cupp figures to be the pass catching replacement to Sternberger, while a couple of other guys will provide better blocking from this position than we had last year.

Running Back: Joshua Corbin will be are features back after backing up league leading Williams last year. He is, if anything, faster and quicker than Williams, though not as big. Not sure who our fullback will be to replace the most famous 12th Man outside of E. King Gill.

Quarterback: For the first time in a long time A&M actually RETURNS a starting QB. Mond is the man and if he improves as much this year from last, as he did last year from the year before, the sky is the limit for this team. Mond is sometimes brilliant, but needs to improve his consistency.