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10-12-2010, 10:04 PM
I know I might be a bit late to the party but have recently found

The show is a hoot and the music is fantastic.
And boy, that new blond kid...be still my heart!

I think I'm addicted.
I'm asking Santa for the first seasons on tape, oops I mean DVD, for Christmas.

Any fellow fans out there?

:sing: :sing: :sing:

Hey, any one out there from Brooklyn remember the annual high school

10-12-2010, 10:28 PM
- - - wrong location (thought this was entertainment forum)

10-13-2010, 07:06 AM
Hi Whalen,

It seems like I am always late to the party, too. My daughter Boomette and my granddaughter love “Glee.” They said I would, too. And recently a couple of friends told me that I would really like “Brothers and Sisters.” So I need to start watching that one I guess.

But for now I am spending most of my television time trying to catch up with “Mad Men.” I started with “Mad Men” when it started, but I got sidetracked somewhere in the first season and never got back to it. I was recording the new season when I realized that I had no clue what was going on. That’s when I sprung for the DVD’s of the old ones.

But then, in a frenzy of trying to clear space on the DVR because I never get around to watching stuff, I have deleted the first part of the new season of “Mad Men.” Geez. Now I will have to buy that one, too. Or maybe I will just throw myself on the mercy of TOTVers and beg somebody to catch me up.

It has become obvious to me that because of all this technology at my fingertips, I cannot manage the demands of all those shows I am supposed to be watching. I am so far behind -- although I somehow seem to work in watching those reruns of “Boston Legal.”

Geez. It is all so complicated now. It used to be that the only thing I had to worry about was whether I could make it home from school in time to watch “American Bandstand.”


10-13-2010, 07:24 AM
I just discovered Glee also - Ohioboy's son's girlfriend started DVRing (is that a word)? them and now I'm hooked too. Always a step behind.

We finally finished watching all the re-runs of Boston Legal - didn't discover that one until a year or so after it was off the air. So disappointing when we were finished as we enjoyed them so much. Great Sunday winter afternoon thing to do with a fire in the fireplace up here in Ohio. Much more fun than watching the Cleveland Browns lose (again).

I started watching Brothers & Sisters again this year (watched most of the 1st year, and sporadically last year - I think this is the 3rd year)? What happened to one of the sons (can't remember his name) - he's not mentioned this year (that I have noticed, anyway). The one married to the blonde - think they had a baby last year, and he also may have been having or possibly having, an affair with Rebecca (you know her - the one thought to have been their stepsister who turned out not to be who married the youngest brother Justin)? Boy, she gets around, doesn't she?

Guess I will have to look for Mad Men - I know it's about Madison Ave maybe in the 60s? 70s?

And I watched Parenthood for the 1st time last night - not bad.

At least there seem to be more options this year to escape reality shows (I tried, but really can't do those). I still like Desperate Housewives because it is so over the top. But what happened to Gabrielle's other daughter - another disappearing child? I get confused enough. . .

10-13-2010, 08:23 AM
Hi Ohiogirl,

I started watching "Desperate Housewives" at its beginning but have since lost track of that one, too.

In the days when I watched "Desperate Housewives" I was still working. One thing I do not miss about working is what I called Sunday Night Syndrome. When I was still in the grip of Sunday Night Syndrome, I rushed around on Sunday nights trying to get things finished up before the work week started.

Mr. Boomer was so helpful on Sunday nights. He always reminded me when it was time for "Desperate Housewives." He always said to me, "Isn't it time for YOUR show to start?"


10-13-2010, 12:48 PM
Gee Boomer,

I did notice that Ohioboy paid more attention when Desperate Housewives was on. Seemed to be about the only one of my "fluff" shows during which he didn't bury his nose in the newspaper (see - we are behind the times, we still read newspapers - real ones). I'm sure it is the story lines. . .

10-14-2010, 05:09 AM
Love Glee, yes I am a 'Gleek' :highfive:

10-14-2010, 07:13 AM
Boomer - Check this out.


10-14-2010, 08:48 AM
Its my new favorite show, the singing is phenomenal and I just love all the characters.

10-15-2010, 10:50 AM
Speaking of "Glee" -- the setting for the show is Ohio. It seems that Ohio has had its share of being the setting for television shows and movies. In addition to "Glee" there was "WKRP in Cincinnati" and the recent "Hot in Cleveland" and "3rd Rock from the Sun."

And although I cannot think of a single movie or play right now, I know there were some. It seems like in the old days if there was a part for an ingénue making her way in the big city, the ingénue was from Ohio. (This will drive me crazy all day until I think of an example.) Of course, Doris Day was really from Ohio, born in Cincinnati, and she landed a lot of those ingénue roles.

Geez. I sure can digress....but if anybody can think of any others -- movies, plays, television shows -- set in Ohio, I hope they will post them here.

Boomer the Buckeye Ingénue (ok the Buckeye part is right, at least)

PS: Hey, getdul981, thank you for that link you posted.

10-15-2010, 11:25 AM
Another good one is Modern Family.....so funny.

Another good site for television and movies is

<Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.>

If the link above doesn't work, just search for Hulu and it will appear. No need to download with this website. You also have the choice of putting the picture on "full screen" for better viewing.