View Full Version : EZGO Batteries

01-09-2013, 03:20 PM
I just purchased a new Ezgo electric cart. I was told that the batteries would need to be charged for 40 to 50 cycles before they would go the full distance of 40 miles to a charge. Is this normal?

01-09-2013, 09:24 PM
New batteries will normally take 5 to 7 uses and charges to reach the top of there performance. Wet cell batteries are designed the have a total cycle life of between 550 and 600 cycles. That is not to say that every time you use your cart and charge it you use a cycle, one cycle consist of from full charge to almost full discharge. An example of this would be, if you travel 25 miles on a charge you will have used 60 % of one cycle.

To answer your question the statement of going fifty cycles in order to reach ultimate range would mean you would be using almost 10 % of the battery life to reach peak is a statement I strongly disagree with. I have never seen a cycle graph that would agree.