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Buffalo Jim
06-09-2013, 11:39 AM
It`s Stanley Cup Finals time fellow fans , let`s get Cup Crazy :loco::loco::loco:.

Let`s meet up at the Sports/ Hockey location on this site and share some great "Hockey Times and Memories and Cheers with fellow fans of the greatest game ever created . :024::024::024:

We have an " Original Six " Final featuring two dynamic and well balanced teams . The Final Series should be a " Barn-burner " !

Hope to meet you on the Sports/ Hockey site .

06-09-2013, 12:21 PM
Been a bruins fan since 1954. Had season's tix. Still remember section 139 row b seat 2 at 75 cents per game at the old garden.. Only six teams in the league. Bruins were very bad until i moved out of town. Then they got a guy named orr. They got good in a hurry and have remained mostly competitive over the years. And you are right, great game. I quit playing at age 43.
Buffalo had the great french connection line. Enjoyed watching them in the 70's when i lived in philadelphia and watched the flyers winn back to back cups and also handed the russians a pasting :-)

enjoyed the playoffs so far and see no reason not to expect a great finals. Hope so!! Enjoy !!

Buffalo Jim
06-09-2013, 12:39 PM
Thanks for sharing and please Post often . I grew up in the US in the most Northers area of NY State . The closest Cities to our small town area were Ottawa [ 60 miles away ] and
Montreal which was 90 miles away .

Of course there was no Cable , we just had " roof antennas" and only picked up 3 Stations and two of those were Canadian [ one in English and one was French ].
We watched " Hockey Night in Canada " every Saturday night . The game didn`t come on until 8:30 PM for some reason and it was already the middle to late in the first period .
Eventually they added a Wednesday night game as well but it also began at 8:30 .
At night we could pick up radio station WBZ from Boston and my brothers and I would gather around an old radio . The Bruins became our favorite team . We were huge Bobby Orr fans . I can still name many members of the Bruins team back then and even one particular Line [ Cashman , Hodge and Espositio ].
There was one of the first every " Sports Talk Shows " every Sunday Evening on WBZ called simply " Sports Talk ". The hosts were 3 Boston Fans who had regular jobs during the week . One was a lawyer as I recall and one was in Real Estate . I believe that one guy was named " Eddie Endelman ". It was great fun .
The first NHL game I ever saw was in the late winter of 1966 or 67 in Montreal . Les Habs Vs. Le Bruins de Boston . Bobby Orr was a Rookie . What a thrill . I was with a school group and we had seats way up in the Oranges . The ticket cost $2 !
Great Fun and Great Memories . It`s hard to have a bad time watching Hockey .
Please frequent the " Talk of Sports / Hockey " Board often during the Finals and let`s see if we can " light up the Board ".