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06-20-2013, 09:40 PM
We want to seal our entire shower tile/grout area and are wondering if any of you can recommend the best product to use as we are attempting to do this ourselves.
We are hoping that by sealing the tile and grout that the shower will drain easier and we won't have to run the fan as long or scrape the sides and floors.
I will be interested to hear from any and all of you as to how your tile sealing job turned out, and if you had any issues with it.
Are you happy with the results.

We are also considering sealing all tile areas. Does anyone recommend this?
thanks in advance .: )

06-21-2013, 01:35 PM
Do a search

06-21-2013, 02:18 PM
To answer your question, we had our tile sealed professionally throughout our house. We felt it would assist with keeping the dirt and grime from penetrating, thus making the grout lines unsightly. We are happy with our choice. We sealed it just after closing, before moving any furniture in. We were told that sealing the grout prior to the one year Warrenty being up would void the tile Warrenty. We figure we would take our chances since a years worth of dirt to clean may be more expensive than replacing a tile if anything should happen to it.

06-21-2013, 04:13 PM
Just had a house built & talked to our builder about this very thing. He said sealing any tile is not necessary.Sealing any tile changes the color of the grout & the tile (darker) & it makes it hard to match should there be a need to replace a broken tile.In the showers he recommends scrubbing bubbles for cleaning.On the floors he says only water,we use a steamer.Make sure if you steam it the dirty water is either soaked up or vacuumed.