View Full Version : golf cart speeds

08-15-2013, 11:52 AM
Just purchased a home with a golf cart-Electric 2002 rebuilt Club Car. I have been reading about insurance prices are higher on carts that go over 20mph. How do I know if this one does? New to Florida

08-15-2013, 05:07 PM
The best advise I can give you is a "Golf Cart" is a cart that does not exceed 20 MPH
For the sake of insurance insure your cart as a Golf Cart and it is your responsibility to maintain speeds under 20 MPH.
You will need a GPS or a smart phone with a MPH app to check your speed.
With a fully charged cart use one of those devices then check your speed.
If you find your cart exceeds 20 MPH you should look into putting a speedometer on the cart and maintain the legal speed in The Villages.