What the heck is that beeping for??

What the heck is that beeping for??


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What the heck is that beeping for??
Old 02-06-2017, 12:03 AM
blackberrybunny blackberrybunny is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Way out in the country in north central FL. We have 40 cleared acres for me to drive on!
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Question What the heck is that beeping for??

I just got my first golf cart today, a 2003 Yamaha G22AY (G-Max), gas powered. It's the first cart I've ever owned and I bought is used, from someone in The Villages. It's in beautiful shape for being a 2003 model.

It has head lights, tail lights, right/left blinkers, roll-down rain enclosure with a cool bimini part on the back. And one heck of a loud kick-butt horn! (I have never heard a horn so loud on a golf car!)

Today was my first chance to actually drive it. Mom and I were cruising down our dirt road and we were going to stop and turn around in a driveway. But first, all of a sudden, we heard this "beep!" Not a long steady beep, but a short beep and then a couple of shorter beeps, and you could tell they were not in a "pattern" if you will. Not a steady 'beep, beep, beep," but more like a "beeeeeeeeeep!" "beeeep" "beep" "beeeeeee" "bep." You get the idea?

I hit the brake and I believe I had left the right turn signal on. So I turned the signal off. I was trying to do a u-turn right there in the road, and ran out of room, had to back up. I put it in reverse, nothing happened. I put it in forward, nothing happened. Mom got off and rocked the darn thing. I finally got it to move and go. We took it home but now we are scared-- we do NOT want to get stranded like that last POS electric cart did to us twice! (It's embarrassing to have to have your neighbor tow you back using his quadcycle!)

This is our first cart. (The electric one I just mentioned belonged to a friend). So this IS our first ever golf cart and it is gas powered.

Please tell me--what was the beeping? The shifter was definitely in the FORWARD position. Was the cart trying to tell me something? Like I said, I THINK I had the turn signal on, but I'm not sure now! We were panicking because a car was coming and we had the road blocked, and we were embarrassed and didn't know what the beeping was or what to do!

I'm 48 and have never been able to drive a car because of my eyesight. And my mom is elderly with health problems. She bought me this cart so I can get into town and get bread, milk, the bank, library, etc. after she is "gone." We want to make sure it is reliable. I have no one who can help me repair it-- so please, any thoughts on this beeping?

It sounded like the beep of the backup-alarm, but we were driving full speed ahead, not reversing. Any ideas? Thank you so so much!!

Old 02-06-2017, 08:37 PM
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Frank7 Frank7 is offline
Sta Rite Golf Carts Accessories and Repairs
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Location: Village of Caroline
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Most likely you left the signal light on, it does cancel like a cart.
The only other beep is the reverse switch and that is not in play going forward.
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Old 02-06-2017, 09:07 PM
blackberrybunny blackberrybunny is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Way out in the country in north central FL. We have 40 cleared acres for me to drive on!
Posts: 5

Yess, thank you !

I believe I DID leave the signal on, but I was driving for myfirst timewith my mom who was nervous, so I' thiking this is what I did. thanks for the help!
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beep, cart, beeping, road, mom

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