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DO THIS: $24.99 Direct TV & Internet $19.99


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Closed Thread
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Old 07-29-2014, 11:44 PM
tommy steam tommy steam is offline
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Good information

Old 07-30-2014, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by snowbird921 View Post
Let me help SAVE everyone who reads this post some BIG $ on cable & Internet.

Iím a teacher and live in RI but have 3 rental homes in The Villages (3br in Springdale, 2br Caroline, and a villa in Hillsborough). A tip here on TOTV led me to save big $. See below. I had Direct TV installed at 2 homes in May and will have the final one done when I visit in July.

1. Call Select Choice TV in Summerfield (third party broker for all providers) at 352-553-4921. I kept their ad from a Villages magazine in April and got Heba when I called (she has been great) but anyone can help. Her e-mail: Get DIRECT TV. Free installation. It took less than 2 hours from time guy arrived until he was done. $24.99/mo for a year for the basic SELECT package (but thatís about 130 channels and free movie channels for 3 months). I added HD (high definition) at my 3br because Iíll be moving there in a year or so. Thatís $10/mo. Each additional TV is $6/mo.

2. For INTERNET go with Comcast for $19.99/mo. Call 1-800-COMCAST. I was already a Comcast subscriber for cable and Internet. Their $19.99 rate is good for a year, and they gave me that rate no problem to keep me (normally just for new folks). It appears to be the cheapest of all providers. I have my own modem and Wifi device at all homes (theyíre cheap at Wal-Mart; donít rent).

3. PHONE is up to you. I have rentals and so donít have phones. But I did buy MagicJack on Hebaís recommendation so I have a phone now at my 3br. The device costs $50 onetime fee and itís $20/yr for service. Note, thatís PER YEAR, not per month like the local phone companies. But for older folks, it takes being a bit computer savvy to get it all done. Other options are to ask your provider for a special low introductory rate.

4. No, Iím not a salesman, but if you switch and say I referred you, you get $10 off per month for 10 months. I used a ladyís account number from TOTV to get that. You too can have a bill for just $18.00 with taxes like I do ay my villa (one TV, no HD). Use acct # 14118982 to get $10 off when you call Select Choice TV.

E-mail me with any questions. Iím glad I switched. Picture is beautiful (even on non-HD TV at my villa). Enjoy the savings, and Iím happy to share what Iíve learned in the last 3 weeks. - Jeff
Your info is geared more for people, who rent their homes out on a yearly basis.
1. The TV package is the standard offering, and anyone can get that.
2. Comcast is not always the best option, due to customer non service.
3. MagicJack is the way to go to keep phone bills at a minimum, but you have to be tech savvy to set one up.
4. Sorry, but asking people you don't know for referrals, seems to me a way to lower your own bill. Hence, all this info, that some people already know.

This may work for rental properties, but for those who live here permanetly, it's not a total solution, To get what one wants and be satisfied with all vendors, one must take the more upgraded packages. IMHO
"It doesn't cost "nuttin", to be nice". MOM

I just want to do the right thing! Uncle Joe, (my hero).
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Old 07-30-2014, 09:10 AM
billybye billybye is offline
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I would be more interested in costs AFTER specials expire
Old 08-24-2014, 01:27 PM
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Fuzz323 Fuzz323 is offline
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You are absolutely right about COMCAST having NO service to speak of. So far I have about 4 plus hours speaking to the Philippines, a trip to Leesburg to pick up a new modem and a LOT of frustration in my latest bout with Comcast after a thunderstorm got the modem. (Yes thru multiple surge protectors)

They managed to get the internet back and then lied to me telling me that an "emergency tech appointment" had been made for me for Sunday morning between 8 and 10 am. At 11:15 AM I called the main number again and was told (by the computer) that my service was actually scheduled for Tuesday between 1 and 3 PM .

BEWARE COMCAST - unless you have lots of patience and time to kill. Our TV service is DirecTv and has always been problem free although they do try to jack you up regularly
at which time you have to tell them you are leaving and they will generally back down.
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