About... Pet Urine?

About... Pet Urine?


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Closed Thread
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About... Pet Urine?
Old 09-19-2015, 09:50 PM
vanscarpet vanscarpet is offline
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Default About... Pet Urine?

About... Pet Urine?

Our pets donít understand why we make such a big deal of a little urine on the carpet. To animals, urine is an important social tool that is used as
a calling card, mate attractant or a territorial warning. Urine lets other members of the species know important information regarding their
gender, age and health. Animal urine is a rather benign substance. When it leaves a healthy animal it is sterile. In small amounts and low
concentration, the odor and appearance may be undetectable. Still, any urine deposit on carpet should be treated appropriately. If you are lucky
enough to catch the animal in the act, you can pour salt liberally onto the urine while it is still wet. Use enough salt to completely cover the spot.
The salt will absorb and neutralize the urine. Let it dry for 8-12 hours and vacuum it away. But most of the time, the urine is already dry by the
time we find it. Applying a neutral carpet cleaning agent, gentle agitation and a thorough rinse may be enough to treat light urine deposits.
Finish the job by placing a folded white towel on the area. Set a weight, such as phone book on the towel and leaveovernight. The remaining
moisture and residue will wick into the towel.Once urine contamination has reached the point that it has penetrated the carpet and the cushion,
removal of the odor becomes more difficult. Heavy urine deposits are much more challenging to treat and you will need the help of Vanís Carpet
Cleaning. Why? Because urine undergoes a dramatic chemical change as it ages. The water in the urine evaporates and leaves behind organic
compounds that become more and more concentrated. Bacteria begin to consume the urine and break down the proteins, sugars and other
organics. During the process of bacterial digestion the bacteria secrete ammonia and a strong, pungent odor becomes apparent. The urine
turns from a mild acid to a strong alkaline. This strong alkaline deposit attacks the dyes in some carpets. Over time, the dyes can be weakened
or removed, causing permanent color-loss. The adhesives used in the carpet backing can be dissolved, and the carpet can literally fall apart.
Permanent damage to wood subfloors will also result from deep penetration of concentrated urine deposits, requiring additional expensive
repairs. The most critical action to prevent permanent damage is to act quickly when you notice a urine spot. Vanís Carpet Cleaning has several
techniques available to clean and deodorize pet contamination. In addition, there are different cleaning and deodorizing agents in our
arsenal. The decision of which methods and agents to use will depend on several factors; the amount of contamination
present, the depth of penetration, the construction of the carpet, the fiber content, the installation method, the sub-floor type and the size of the
affected area must all be considered. There are times when the damage is too severe and the best option is to replace the carpet. In such
situations, we can assist by sealing the sub-floor and adjacent materials with a specialized odor-counteracting sealer so that the
new carpet does not inherit the old odor problem. If you have a pet odor problem, the best action is to call Vanís Carpet Cleaning
for a professional assessment of the situation. We are experts at handling difficult odor problems and can help you to choose the solution that is right for you.

Have a Phenomenal Day!
From The Entire Staff at Van's Carpet Cleaning

Old 09-19-2015, 09:58 PM
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Blot with several towels. Spray liberally with Spotshot and allow to sit for five minutes and blot with clean towels.

I used to be delighted. And now I am deleted.
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Old 09-20-2015, 12:38 PM
Jima64 Jima64 is offline
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Dog urine stinks. Blot it wit the proper chemical. There are pet odor neutrlizers on the market dor pet urine.
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