Be healthy, wealthy and wise with carpet

Be healthy, wealthy and wise with carpet


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Closed Thread
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Be healthy, wealthy and wise with carpet
Old 08-17-2017, 04:20 PM
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Default Be healthy, wealthy and wise with carpet

Carpet is a great way to decorate
because of the textures, colors and
patterns available. It looks good, but it
also provides a variety of benefits. Carpet
insulates, typically resulting in 10% or
more in energy savings. Carpet absorbs
sound, making a house quieter and more
relaxing. And of course carpet is safer,
reducing the occurrence of slips and falls
and the severity of associated injuries
from these accidents.
But did you realize that carpet is also
an economical and prudent choice for
maintenance and health reasons?
Little Maintenance
Carpet requires less maintenance than
hard surface floors such as hardwood,
vinyl and tile. Interim care of carpet is
accomplished simply by vacuuming.
Depending on the number of people
and pets, this may be done in as little
as 2 or 3 hours a month in the typical
household. Aside from prompt attention
to spills, this is usually all that is needed
between professional cleanings.
By contrast, think of all the cleaners,
sealers, waxes and polishes needed to
keep a hard floor looking good and the
amount of time it takes to sweep and
mop. Let’s not forget how much it can
cost to have a professional restore a
scratched, dull marble or wood floor, or
to clean, remove stains and seal tile and
grout. While it is true that hard surface
floors are easier to clean in the event of a
liquid spill, properly maintained modern
carpeting has protectors such as 3M
Scotchgard and DuPont Teflon factory
applied which helps them clean-up well.
Of course, eventually, this protection
wears off, just as the protective finish on
a new car does. And just as you need to
wax your car to refresh that protection,
your carpet should have a protector
reapplied periodically. In cases where
the protector is maintained, prompt
response usually achieves good results in
spill removal.
Carpet is Good for Your Health
Contrary to opinions by well-meaning
but ill-informed “experts,” carpet that is
properly maintained actually improves
indoor air quality. How? Carpet acts as a
filter, trapping pollutants such as dust
pollen, dander, smoke, and dust
mite contamination as air passes
through it. Studies conducted by the
Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) revealed that carpet acts as
a “sink” for pollutants. This fact
caused some experts to contend
that carpet contributed to poor
indoor air quality and associated ill
health effects.
But this view misses one key
As the EPA pointed out, carpet
acts as a “sink,” trapping these
pollutants, instead of allowing
them to be distributed up into
the breathing zone. The result?
Homes and buildings with properly
maintained carpets have better
air quality in the “breathing zone”
than those with other flooring
types. So, as these contaminants
build-up in the carpet they simply
must be removed by professional
cleaning. This creates a cycle of
cleanliness. On the other hand, with
hard surface flooring, all it takes is a
small amount of air movement from
an open door, or even foot traffic
to disperse the dust and pollutants
into the breathing zone.
So to reap the financial and health
benefits of your carpet, give
Van’s Carpet Cleaning a call for
proper maintenance and periodic,
professional cleaning.
Call Today! 352-669-1540
Carpet Cleaning | Upholstery Cleaning | Water Damage Restoration | Van's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service | The Villages, FL

Closed Thread

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