Is it Okay for me to use those miracle stain removers seen on TV?

Is it Okay for me to use those miracle stain removers seen on TV?


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Closed Thread
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Is it Okay for me to use those miracle stain removers seen on TV?
Old 10-27-2017, 02:13 PM
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Default Is it Okay for me to use those miracle stain removers seen on TV?

Whether you watch television during
daytime talk shows, in the middle of
prime time, or during a fit of insomnia
at 2 a.m., you simply can’t avoid them:
commercials, and infomercials, trying
to convince you that some liquid in the
bottle will magically remove any spot or
stain you have on your carpet, no matter
where it originated, how long it’s been
there, or what type of carpet you have.
While it is possible that some of these
products have some value, it is not
possible that any product can do all of
these things. Every fiber is different.
Every spill is different. So there is
simply no one-stop solution to clean
everything. And, unfortunately, using
some of these “miracle” stain removers
in the wrong place can cause irreversible
damage to your carpet.
Miracle Oxygen Cleaners
One popular product that people tend
to try, and place great faith in, is the
“Oxy” cleaners seen on infomercials.
If you choose to use these cleaners,
exercise caution. Professional carpet
cleaning companies are seeing more
and more damage being done to
carpet by the oxygen bleaches in these
cleaners. The damage can range from
minor color loss to large permanent
yellow stains caused by the chemical
reaction with the carpet fibers.
Theoretically, these products should
be safe if used according to the
manufacturer’s directions. But there
are things that can and do affect the
chemical reaction and can make results
vary greatly. For instance, the exact
nature of the spot you are trying to
remove matters. Some stains do not
react well to oxygen bleaches, and can
even become permanent if you use
those products.
Another problem is sunlight. Under
sunlight, the oxidizer becomes more
chemically active and aggressive,
resulting in heightened bleaching
action. Remember, anything that has the
ability to remove food coloring has the
potential to destabilize the dyes used to
give your carpet its color.
Other Product Promises
There are other products that use high
Miracle Stain Removers
oxygen bleach to help break down
greasy spots and spills. While this
can be quite effective in removing
the offending spots, it can leave
behind a residue that destroys the
stain resistant properties of your
carpet. This is not visible damage,
however it is quite real. The result
is an area that is “unprotected” and
therefore vulnerable to permanent
staining the next time something is
spilled there.
Also, these highly alkaline residues
are often quite sticky, attracting
soils. So even though the spot goes
away, the area keeps getting dirtier
and dirtier. So you apply more
cleaner and leave more residue, in
a never-ending, frustrating cycle
of futility.
If you had the ability to apply,
agitate, rinse and thoroughly
extract the chemicals, it wouldn’t
be so bad. But removing all of the
stuff you pour on the carpet can be
quite difficult. So what can you do?
Your safest bet when you have a
difficult stain is to call Van’s Carpet
Cleaning before attempting to
remove it yourself. We are an
experienced carpet cleaning
company, and can give you options
as to the best way to handle the
situation while avoiding any
damage to your carpet. We can also
give you tips for removing small
spots in the future.

Call Today! 352.669.1540

Closed Thread

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