Is it Too Soon to Clean my New Carpet?

Is it Too Soon to Clean my New Carpet?


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Closed Thread
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Is it Too Soon to Clean my New Carpet?
Old 06-14-2017, 03:48 PM
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Default Is it Too Soon to Clean my New Carpet?

Is it Too Soon to Clean my New Carpet?
If you purchased new carpet within the
last year or two you may be wondering
when the time is to start having it
professionally cleaned. Often times a
salesperson at the carpet store will tell
you to wait as long as possible before
you have your new carpet professionally
cleaned; that cleaning your carpet will
just make it get dirty faster requiring
more frequent cleaning. Is that true?

Old Attitudes for Old Technology
The belief that once you clean your
carpet the first time you will then need
to clean them all the time goes back to
the early days of professional carpet
cleaning. Back then lots of chemical
and water was used in an attempt to get
the carpet clean. These carpet cleaning
chemicals worked great at attracting
soil away from the carpet fiber and
suspending those soils in the cleaning
solution to be wet vacuumed away.
The trouble began because the
equipment was not able to extract
or rinse out all the chemical that was
applied. So, the chemicals remained on
the carpet as a sticky, soil-attracting
residue. It was true, once you cleaned
your carpets back “in the day” you began
a cycle of needing to clean them more

Poor Quality Carpet Cleaning Causes Damage
To some extent, this can happen even
today when calling some “discount”
carpet cleaners. They use cheap
chemicals, inferior equipment, untrained
workers and charge low, low prices.
The poor guys who work for them are
often subcontractors or are paid on
commission. What happens is that the
technician often has to hurry through
the job just to make a decent living. So
there can be a lot of these cheap, sticky
chemicals left in the carpet because
they were not properly rinsed out. Sure
it looks okay when he leaves, but the
carpets will re-soil quickly, often over the
course of a few days or weeks.

The Benefits of High Quality Cleaning
Things in the carpet cleaning industry
have changed dramatically over the
last few years. The cleaning agents
we use, though more expensive,
are designed to rinse freely from
the carpet and leave little or no
residue. What tiny amount may be
left behind is specially formulated
to dry completely non-sticky, to
be vacuumed away with normal
Quality equipment does cost more,
but it has the power to thoroughly
clean your carpet and rinse away
soils and cleaning agents. Finally,
the application of a quality
protector makes your carpet stay
cleaner longer.
Not all carpet cleaners are willing
to spend the extra time and money
to do a high quality job. A reputable
company will pre-treat, agitate
and rinse with extremely hot water
and a powerful vacuum system.
This leaves carpets clean, fluffy and
residue-free, the way it should be.
As an added bonus, clean carpet
improves indoor air quality, so your
family will breathe easier.
Most major carpet manufacturers
require professional carpet cleaning
once every 12-24 months. Failure
to do so could void your carpet
warranty. So if you want your
carpets to stay cleaner, last longer
and look beautiful, call Van’s Carpet
Cleaning to set up your personalized
carpet care program.
CALL TODAY 352.669.1540

Closed Thread

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