No Trespassing sign, is this necessary facing our homes and our Beloved golf course?

No Trespassing sign, is this necessary facing our homes and our Beloved golf course?


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Closed Thread
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Old 02-05-2018, 11:00 AM
Amb3rTastic Amb3rTastic is offline
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If a safety sign is your biggest concern, I'd say TV is doing a helluva job keeping you happy.
Put your focus on other things.
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Old 02-05-2018, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by tikigal View Post
Seminole #6 Fairway on Belle Glade. So you are looking at a lovely hole with no holes behind you, a nice hill, some palm trees, scattered shrubs, landscaping from the "dump" above, until you see this BUTT UGLY SIGN, "No trespassing" with a phone number. Really? The Villages doesn't DO Negative, and frankly, I am shocked that the building or sign codes let people put signs up facing property owners in a big 5 foot sign that say, NO TRESPASSING. Next time you play golf, report it to the pro shop. The more people that report it, maybe we can take that sign down.

Do they really think we are going to get out of the golf cart, hop the fence and what? go for a hike? Get real! Let's get that sign taken down. ....It takes a Village!
Show us a picture from your lot. Or your golfcart.
I have to be myself, everyone else is taken.
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Old 02-05-2018, 11:17 AM
My Post My Post is offline
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Didn't Tesla sing a song about this?
Old 02-05-2018, 03:37 PM
Jima64 Jima64 is offline
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Private property is just that, respect the owners wishes. Just like you would expect at your home if my dog needed to,pee and I let the leash out a bit.
Old 02-05-2018, 05:52 PM
8notes 8notes is offline
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I would guess that if there were not many people trespassing, there would be no sign. Given that there are so many rude and inconsiderate people who feel they have the right to go on private property to look for their golf balls, apparently a sign is needed. It may not stop the flow of people, but as someone else said, if one of those people injures themselves on the property, hopefully the sign would keep the owner from being legally responsible.
Closed Thread

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