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ColdNoMore 07-28-2018 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by ajbrown (Post 1567064)
I should have been clearer. I did mean area by Jacaranda. I enjoy Cane, but I still would go to Bonifay for a more serious session working on different lies and types of shots (JMO). Matters little now as I hurt my wrist and cannot play at all. Wish I could practice anywhere!

When I look at houses by Jacaranda practice area, I always tell my wife that one of these houses I would love to own. Who cares about golf course view, but a short walk to practice area? Before dinner alone or with friends, 'honey headed out to putt/chip' for a bit.

Gotcha. :thumbup:

I previously owned a home in a private golf course development and had about a 3 minute walk to the driving range/practice area...but pretty much quit using it after the novelty (for me) wore off.

My problem was that after about 10 minutes, I just wanted to go tee it up...and play the course! :oops:

Then there were the couple of times the old heart rate was off the charts, due to a few flop shots with an opened 60 degree wedge, while making a hard full swing...that were hit just a tad bit thin. :o

Thank goodness that no cars driving by, or nearby expensive homes were hurt...while exercising my 'Inner Phil.' :1rotfl:

Timothy 07-29-2018 10:07 AM

Tried Bonifay -- it is very good for wedge practice. Most places seem to have the "knee-high" chipping restriction. Glenview is much closer for me and I have used the range there many times but never realized they had a short game practice area. Will give that a try! Thanks!

Bay Kid 07-30-2018 07:40 AM

Also good practice on the executive courses playing the ball down and playing forward. At times I aim for the sand traps for practice. Sandy pars are worth a dollar!

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