Stock Buybacks?  Opinions?

Stock Buybacks? Opinions?


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Re: Presentations
Old Today, 11:15 AM
thetruth thetruth is online now
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 223
Default Re: Presentations

Originally Posted by Floridian4 View Post
I agree, I am pretty conservative as well; Apple, VISA, etc., however I went to a workshop at Schwab in the Villages a year or so ago and really enjoyed it. Does your brokerage offer anything like that?
Here, or perhaps, I have more time to be aware of it, you can go to a presentation such as the one you attended from Schwab almost every week. Often you get a,"free meal." Like perhaps, real estate partnerships that were the rage for vacation resorts a few years ago. Remind yourself, you get nothin for nothin. If, anyone says you must act now, don't walk but RUN away. Today it is so easy. Take the time to read and explore competing ideas to what the SALESMAN-speaker is saying. Do not be intimidated if you do not understand what the speaker is saying. At any of these presentations, there a many people that done't understand what is being said. Step back and see first of all what is being said may not be TRUE. The speaker may not even understand what he is saying. Surely others attending
may not even know that they do not know what is being said and even worse some think they know but do not know that they do not know.

SIMPLE MATH THAT FEW SEE-COMPOUNDING WORKS UP AND DOWN. Example if you have 10,000 invested and the first year you make 10%. The next year you loose 10%-you have LESS than 10,000 not even-a net loss 10,000+10%=11000 11,000-10%=9900-HUH? On top of that we forget brokerage fees and you likely paid tax on that $1,000 if it was in a fund.

Never allow yourself to forget that you are a PRAWN-bait for the SHARKS.
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Wow so many thoughts
Old Today, 11:59 AM
thetruth thetruth is online now
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 223
Default Wow so many thoughts

Originally Posted by ColdNoMore View Post
Too many to cover in one post, but here's a few...of my own observations/opinions.

1. I'm an 'Oracle of Omaha' disciple and believe in holding for the long haul...even though it can be tough on the ticker in the short run. After seeing an almost 2-1/2 times increase in the DJIA between the low of early 2009 and 2016...I'm glad I hung on.

2. I too am against stock buy-backs, even when they personally benefit I think they are bad for our country in the long run. Particularly, since the current system rewards upper management for a short period of their company's stock price and almost compels them to do whatever is good in the short then they can make their killing now if they're later replaced. The old "instant gratification/I got mine, forget you" attitude...if you will.

If laws required their remuneration/pay package to be based on say a three year average, we might see actions being taken that strengthen the economy/company...for a longer period of time.

3. Since just a little over 1/2 of Americans even own stocks, the idea that those who benefit the most from tax cuts, or loose corporate regulations, allowing companies to increase their profits for the short term will eventually allow some bread crumbs to 'trickle down'...I find ludicrous.

4. Recent tax cuts; Too political to address, but so far...I'm certainly not seeing what the proponents were touting.

Even with the recent market(s) volatility, I'll still sit tight and just keep telling myself that..."I don't lose anything, if I don't sell."

Sadly, not everyone has that luxury.
#1 Re: Buffet
That thought Buffet like. I don't know about you but I recall reading Buffet said he lost 45 million in ????? 2006. Hum-I don't know your situation but I doubt anyone in their right mind would
believe I have 45 million to hold, lend, spend. Buffet and holding long term. The man is if I recall 86. Long term-HUH?
#2 Re: stock buybacks
The truth is understanding stock buybacks is far too complex for most-INCLUDING ME. Usually the company bought shares are not destroyed they show as a company asset. A bit of, my term, slight of hand. Those shares can and are used for dividend payments, management incentives,when stock is used to purchase another company etc. A stock buyback is widely published. Spending those shares is not.
#3 Re: only half of Americans own stocks
Not nearly that simple. First of all assuming that some people THINK they own no stocks. If, they have a pension, there pension is surely invested in stocks. If, they give money to support a school a charity it is in stocks. If, they paid for insurance, it is in stocks. There have been proposals that people be allowed to invest their own social security money into the stock market. HUH? Same as our not so long ago housing collapse, people would expect the government-their fellow citizens to pay for their mistakes. To tax those who did well, took appropriate risk (whatever that is) and give to those who perhaps decided to take more or less risk than they should have.
#4 Re: politics
Unfortunately it effects everything and everybody. A simple view. I view government as a NECESSARY EVIL. My thoughts apply throughout world history. Everyone wants. Everyone comes up with what they truly believe are valid points why someone else NOT THEM, should pay. Too often I hear people say the government should pay for that. This is government of the people, for the people and by the people. In plainspeak let the government pay for it is my neighbors NOT ME, should pay for it.
#5 Don't loose anything if I don't sell
That is MIND CONTROL. Reminder all the information we have comes form people with a vested interest. Simple math that our mind does not seem to fathom. If you start with 10,000 and your statement shows you are up the first year by 10%. The next year you are down 10% YOU ARE NOT EVEN
10,000+10%=11,000. 11,000-10%=9900-HUH WHERE DID $100 VANISH TO? On top of that assuming it is in a taxable account you not only have less but you paid tax on the non-gain.
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