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Closed Thread
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Not sure what you are trying to say
Old 08-23-2017, 08:41 AM
suesiegel suesiegel is offline
Gold member
Join Date: Mar 2014
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Default Not sure what you are trying to say

[QUOTE=Ozzello;1438970]Coffee IS organic

Coffee is the economical fast way to better pH

Coffee is FERTILIZER, and CHEAP compared to similar fertilizer...

One 60 kg bag of coffee contains 1,026 g of nitrogen, 60 g of phosphorous, 918 g of potassium, 162 g of calcium, 90 g of magnesium, 72 g of sulfur, 0.96 g of boron, 0.80 g of copper, 3.6 g of iron, 1.2 g of manganese, 0.002 g of molybdenum, and 0.72 g of zinc (Malavolta, 197). The pulp resulting from processing contains 1,068 g of nitrogen, 84 g of phosphorous, 2,250 g of potassium, 246 g of calcium, 78 g of magnesium, 90 g of sulfur, 2.04 g of boron, 1.08 g of copper, 9.0 g of iron, 1.80 g of Manganese, 0.004 g of Molybdenum, and 4.20 g of Zinc (Malavolta 197).

Yes I am POSITIVE the STATE of FLORIDA does a pH test of the 6 inches of top soil required prior to laying sod. Would you like a list of all the tests I ran for the STATE as pertaining to the typical VILLAGES landscape... and my credentials as a civil engineer, soils expert, concrete structures expert, nurseryman and underground utilities installer / inspector? Pretty much posting to help people with what I know , please do some factual homework if you wish to question my info.[/QUOT

Assuming your numbers are correct 60 kg of coffee is 132.277 lbs (pounds). Coffee is sold not by the lb but in 13 oz cans that we buy and it is like $3.99 dollars so .306923076 per oz. Your 60 kg 132.277 pounds x 16 to ounces is 2116.432 ozx.306923076=$649.58 for 132.277 pounds. As I said, it is far too expensive to use.

Manure is purchased mostly not for it's fertilizer value but to add organic matter to our SANDY/CLAY ALKALINE SOIL.

Your info? I will bet your quoted numbers vary from coffee lot to coffee lot. The same by the way is true of manure.

In the end what matters is COST. The goal to change our,"soil," is 25 lbs per 100 sq ft-10 ft x 10 ft of manure

Old 08-23-2017, 09:47 AM
champion6's Avatar
champion6 champion6 is online now
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Oh Lord.
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Old 09-07-2017, 10:54 PM
big guy big guy is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2012
Posts: 371

Originally Posted by suesiegel View Post
Our soil is loaded with LIME. You will see people selling those white boulders by the side of the road etc-they are blocks of lime stone. Remember those toys that we used to send away for from cereal boxes? The ones where you would put baking soda into the and add vinegar (acidic acid) and they would go around your bathtub. Take a scoop of your lawn,"soil," add some vinegar and you can watch it fizz from all the limestone.

I've never heard that before. I expect you could apply dilute acid to the,"soil," and get it to read anything you wish. Due to the limestone, it would quickly go back to being alkaline. The answer is to add organic matter. I asked the builder to do so and as you said they looked with glazed eyes. Are you sure that test is not for drainage which is normally required.

WHAT WE DID-We have a 5,000 sq foot lawn. IT IS NUTS AND A LOT OF WORK. I took an 1.5 inch old auger bit, put it one a 2 foot extension and drilled holes 7 inch deep every 6 inches in my lawn using a rechargeable drill. The 7 inch is important as your lawn has stuff like the pipes for inground sprinklers and wires for cable TV and they are down eight inches. My drill has lithium ion batteries so it is more reasonable in weight and run time. I have three sets of batteries and the recharge time is one hour. I truned the clutch so that it would click, slip, it it hit anythng. It took me TWO YEARS as wife has the good sense not to work when it is too hot etc. I lost count of the bags but a best guess is 70 50lb bags. My lawn is GREAT. I've watered TWICE, total, this year.

You can actually grow grass in half an inch of soil on top of CEMENT. To do it you will need to water every day, fertilize every week or two. HUM take a shovel and stab it into your lawn. The roots should go down at least 6-8 inches. You will clearly see the soil that came with the sod-about and inch thick. If, you need to water every day and your grass says I am not rooting into that cement, you know you have a soil issue.

I think someone mentioned coffee grinds. I added ????? coffee grinds to the manure. The earthworms love coffee and they aerate and turn the soil. Only trouble is they insist upon stopping for a coffee break-HAD TO SEE IF YOU WERE STILL READING MY LONG POST.
It's not "LIME that the soil is loaded with". It's phosphorus which occurs naturally.
Closed Thread

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