Anyone Else under 65 who is Looking for Affordable Health Insurance ?

Anyone Else under 65 who is Looking for Affordable Health Insurance ?


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Old 11-11-2019, 12:23 PM
Marathon Man Marathon Man is offline
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Originally Posted by tophcfa View Post
We insure privately through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts and the rates are regulated by the ACA, regardless of weather one qualifies for subsidies based on adjusted gross income. Unfortunately, someone has to pay for all the people who get free or subsidized insurance through the ACA, and that burden falls on the backs of people who buy private insurance and don't qualify for subsidizes. Before the ACA our insurance was $375 per month per person for a very good low deductible plan. That same plan, which now has an increased deductible and higher maximum out of pocket limit, now costs $1,250 per month per person thanks to the ACA. Several other plans are also offered with lower premiums but higher co-pays, deductibles and maximum out of pocket limits. The plans are all priced very efficiently so that if one requires any expensive health care, the amount they end up spending comes out almost exactly the same once you add up the premiums, co-pays, deductibles and cost sharing up to the max out of pocket. The only way I have figured out how to save money on health care is to buy the cheapest high deductible plan and try as hard as possible to stay healthy and avoid needing health care, knowing we have insurance available for catistrophic events.

As much as I hate the ACA, I count my blessings that the proposed fix to the ACA, under the current administration, was not able to pass legislation. Part of that fix would have eliminated the cap on risk adjusting the premiums of people between 55 and 65 years old resulting in more huge premium increases for seniors waiting to become eligable for Medicare.

I wish I had a better answer for the OP, but private health insurance for seniors not yet 65 is a major burden and is by far our biggest expense. I am in no hurry to get older, but at least there will be a good reason to celebrate turning 65 (assuming Medicare has not been gutted by then)?
If you don't go through ACA, you have many more options to choose from, and can get the price down by taking on more risk. For example, UHC offered me a six month policy with no existing condition coverage. The risk, of course, is that if a condition developes it is only covered until the end of the current six month policy.
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Old 11-11-2019, 12:33 PM
Debbien167 Debbien167 is offline
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I too am looking for something go more affordable than what I have. But after seeing the above premiums, I think I’ll stay with what I have.
I’ve had private insurance through Cigna for a few yrs. Since turning 60 (2 yrs ago) I notice my premium drastically going up every year.
Just got my notice for 2020 and it jumped from $666. per month to $796!! ($130 per month increase) with a 5K deductible.
I also checked on to apply and am out of the range to qualify.
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