Sciatica nerve

Sciatica nerve


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Old 07-21-2019, 11:57 AM
retiredguy123 retiredguy123 is online now
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I think the term "sciatica" refers to any pain caused by pressure or irritation of the sciatic nerve. The nerve extends from the brain stem all the way to the foot. The pressure can be caused by a bulging or herniated disc, or by bone deposits caused by arthritis. The pain can be felt anywhere along the nerve, even remotely from where the pressure occurs. I had a herniated disc in my lower back years ago that caused severe leg pain. It was diagnosed with an MRI. I had surgery, and the pain is gone, but I really don't know if the surgery was the cure, or just time. But, I don't think physical therapy will help much. If you can get an MRI, it may show where the nerve is being compressed. Good luck.
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Old 07-21-2019, 12:04 PM
Boomer Boomer is offline
Soaring Parsley
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Only an MRI can detect a synovial cyst.

A synovial cyst can grow quite large in the lumbar spine and can cause excruciating nerve pain in the legs.

These things are sometimes called "rare," but I have reason to believe they are underdiagnosed because insurance companies do not want to pay for MRIs.

Your back can look OK on an x-ray, but the soft tissue of a synovial cyst will not show up except on an MRI.

I hope you will Google synovial cyst lumbar spine and see it the information you find there might apply to your situation.

I wish you well.
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Old 07-21-2019, 01:36 PM
Senior Member
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My situation is slowly improving but still requires daily stretching. The back is much better but my calf muscle seems to be the biggest pain right my strength issue which drains my stamina but has increased my healthy food intake which will help speed up my recovery. Never before have I had to add calories to my diet but muscle strength requires lots of nutrition for energy. Things are looking up!
Thank you all for sharing your experiences and suggestions.
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