Conversation Between Bitsee and EviesGP

Conversation Between Bitsee and EviesGP
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  1. Bitsee
    06-17-2018 03:58 PM
    I just caught your message to me that you sent on 03/27/18 , I guess I wasn't paying attention sorry.
    You asked about the draw up north ??? Can you refresh my memory, or enlighten me on that particular conversation ???
    I'd be happy to respond, now that I read your message ~
  2. EviesGP
    03-27-2018 08:06 PM
    Can I ask, what is your draw to that area up north? I ask because there are many affordable options up there, but not many people seem to be drawn there? We just spent last week there, and purposely drove up there, as we have a rental in that area this fall, while we look for a place to buy. I'd be really interested in your opinion. Thanks.
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