Conversation Between Bosoxfan and galeforce

Conversation Between Bosoxfan and galeforce
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  1. galeforce
    09-02-2012 10:47 PM
    Very beautiful Shepherd! I have a Mailnois Shepherd and two Old English Bulldogs. I know, not the combo one would expect. The shepherd pup was brought to my front door. I was told she was in a field for 4 days and was on her way to the pound unless they fould her a home that day. I believe just about anything, so I kept her. My maillady is on a local covert rescue team and asked me to take handsome Herc. He was locked in a garage for six years with no interaction with dogs of humans. I believed that too. My shepherd mothers him and taught him the dog rules, I taught him my rules. What's the grandfather rule someone mentioned. Is that about moving in with more than two?
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