Conversation Between dotti105 and slipcovers

Conversation Between dotti105 and slipcovers
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  1. dotti105
    08-14-2014 09:45 PM
    Thanks for the info, Maureen!

    My appt was today, "jury still out"! The cut was ok; the color, so-so. I had her weave in 1/3 bleach, 1/3 color and 1/3 just my faded red. I am less than overwhelmed. My fault, I guess. She wanted to do base color overall and just bleach highlights. Probably a better plan. I really like highlights heavy around my face and they are very subtle, due to 1/3 being my fading red.

    I am used to high lights and low lights. If I knew how, I certainly would do it myself. I've had highlights for so long, I don't think I would be happy with all one color. But heck! Like you said, what do I have to lose! I do my own gel nails and love the savings and the convenience of doing it myself.

    My hair is super short, so I just shouldn't worry about it so much! Your plan is very tempting at this point! I get it cut every 4-6 wks, the color is too $$ to pay for if I am not really happy with it.

    Guys don't know how lucky they are! So little upkeep! HaHa!
  2. slipcovers
    08-13-2014 07:05 AM
    Hi Dottie, I have the same color hair as you and was born a redhead. I do it myself with Clairol Natural Instincts, no ammonia, semi-permanent. I use #4, golden blond, and #12, light golden brown. Mix 1/2 bottle,(3 tablespoons) of each and save the rest for next treatment. I do the roots for 10 minutes and put the rest on for additional 5 minutes. Rinse and walah. It comes with a super conditioner and my hair is soft and manageable, not dry as with permanent color. Give it a try, it would need to be done every 4 weeks as the roots show, however, even the roots blend in. You have nothing to lose. Maureen
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