Conversation Between Graspher and CandB

Conversation Between Graspher and CandB
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  1. Graspher
    02-18-2020 11:17 PM
    I liked the trugrit concept - still do....but his price is $5.50 per square foot. Tim millers is $2.25. 5.50 killed it for me as I have almost 1000 squares. At the end of the day it’s only a garage floor. On top of that miller guarantees his floor - and even if he didn’t I could get a second floor put down and still come in under the 5.50.

    My current rub with miller is his color selections...basically browns and greys. I’m working with him now to do a custom color - jury still out. If he can then I will go with miller. If not then I will be looking elsewhere.

    Miller acid washes the concrete - trugrit sands a layer off. That seems better but the price was just too high for me.

    With miller it will take several days before u can use the floor - trugrit is only one day. Not a big deal but still a difference.

    I have faith in millers finished product - based on reviews here plus additional info I received from what is probably his wife.

    Who r u leaning towards?
  2. CandB
    02-18-2020 03:38 PM
    I am having a house built in The Villages Monarch Grove and doing as much research as possible on Garage floor Epoxy coating. I say your mentioning of Tru-Grit and looked at there website. Looks like a good company and product. Waiting to hear back to get a quote for my floor. But wanted to find out who you went with Tim Miller or Tru Grit. Any info you found on your research would be greatly appreciated.

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