Conversation Between ladydoc and HelenLCSW

Conversation Between ladydoc and HelenLCSW
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  1. HelenLCSW
    11-10-2011 02:16 PM
    Thanks for your supportive post. Well, I think the public is so misinformed about mental health that it is difficult for them to even include the most basic concepts in their thought process.
  2. ladydoc
    11-09-2011 11:58 AM
    Just read the post someone made to your comments about behavior being influenced by psyciatric problems. Don't you just love it when people who know nothing about the field make comments like that "putting labels on people is how the so called doctors make their money?" The level of ignorance is sometimes almost overwhelming....
  3. HelenLCSW
    11-04-2011 07:41 PM
    lol -- yes, and I think I answered a message that was meant for you about political responses --lol
  4. ladydoc
    11-04-2011 07:31 PM
    Hi Helen-don't know how you got that was in response to a PM someone wrote to me days ago and I sent that reply to him days ago. I did not see your answer to it that you said you wrote. This is weird...I think some puter wires got crossed somewhere. Email me when you get here....we will get together soon! Take care...
  5. HelenLCSW
    11-04-2011 06:28 PM
    Oops --I think your message was meant for someone else and I answered it --sorry
  6. HelenLCSW
    11-04-2011 04:52 PM
    You are most welcome --I guess the BP doesn't get out of control if you kind of accept that they are not going to change and as you say it is nice to know that someone hears you -- thank you, too --look forward to meeting you in January.
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