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dominick 11-13-2007 01:04 AM

We need a "real gym" in The Villages
I'm new in TV & have been looking for a decent place to work out.
The wellness center and three regional fitness centers are ok for beginners, but are not suitable for the serious gym and fitness types who would like to pump some serious iron. The existing facilities well serve the average Villages resident, but were not meant to be hard core work out places (check out the flowered carpets, pictures and drapes at Colony Cottage)
With the influx of of many new residents and the strong emphasis on a healthy, active lifestyle in TV, I would think that there would be a ready market for a new Gold's, Powerhouse or other commercial gym somewhere along 441, 466 or 466A. The gyms in Belleview and Leesburg are kind of scruffy.
It could well be that a new commercial gym will never be allowed to happen because it may be perceived to be in direct competition with the existing facilities, but that is simply not the case.
Are there any thoughts on this??

bamafan 11-13-2007 02:34 AM

Re: We need a "real gym" in The Villages
If it is easily accessible and affordable count me in. The present facilities are rather small and quite expensive. The only thing they have is, they are very easy to get to ie: golf car accessible. Does that justify the prices they charge? I don't think so. I personally would like to see a fitness center included with my amenities. Most of the other communities we looked at included the fitness center, but they did not have a lot of the other things TV has.

Hancle704 11-14-2007 03:25 AM

Re: We need a "real gym" in The Villages
Interesting. "WE" need:
1. A real Gym
2. An expanded playground for visiting Grandchildren
3. A fenced in doggie park in each Village

I think this list is gonna get longer as more folks move in. Guess they didn't get the video and take the tour before they bought, otherwise they would have seen what they were getting for their amenity fees.

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