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DickY 11-15-2007 12:16 AM

Villages Photos
For those of us Looking at TV from far away some nice photos:

ewstanley 11-15-2007 12:20 AM

Re: Villages Photos
Great Images!!

another Linda 11-15-2007 02:08 AM

Re: Villages Photos
The pics are wonderful. Thanks.

golfnut 11-15-2007 02:23 AM

Re: Villages Photos
very nice dicky

jjdees 11-15-2007 02:53 AM

Re: Villages Photos
The one titled "Former Sales Center", that's Spanish Springs right? What happened to the sales center?

golfnut 11-15-2007 03:04 AM

Re: Villages Photos
Main sales center is now at Lake Sumter.

SteveFromNY 11-15-2007 04:31 AM

Re: Villages Photos
Good pictures.

I took this one in 2005, Maybe I should have entered? (click on it to see it bigger)

travelstiles 11-15-2007 04:41 AM

Re: Villages Photos
All terrific photos! Now I have yet another club I want to join, and we haven't even arrived yet! ::)
Thank you for sharing these - I am already forwarding them to relatives and friends who have probably heard enough already about TV from us, but what can you say after looking at these pics!

golfnut 11-15-2007 04:23 PM

Re: Villages Photos
very nice pics Steve, is that your house in pics #74 plus?

Donna 11-15-2007 04:59 PM

Re: Villages Photos
Dicky and Steve..GREAT pics..makes me want to be back there... :'(

jjdees 11-15-2007 09:39 PM

Re: Villages Photos
Golfnut, I knew that Sumter was the main sales center, but Spanish Springs was also a sales center. Have they shut it down?

ewstanley 11-15-2007 10:28 PM

Re: Villages Photos

Originally Posted by SteveFromNY
Good pictures.

I took this one in 2005, Maybe I should have entered? (click on it to see it bigger)

Steve, great photos!
You must have a nice camera

SteveFromNY 11-15-2007 11:52 PM

Re: Villages Photos
Golfnut - yes that is my house in #74 and above.

ewstanley - I have a Nikon D-70. I bought it in '04 as my daughter was getting married in Hawaii, and I figured it was a worthwhile investment. They've replaced it with the D-80 or the D-40X (both 10 megapixels - mine is only 6 megapixels)

Oooops - I really didn't realize the link would take you to all my pictures. Welcome to my world I guess.

golfnut 11-16-2007 12:07 AM

Re: Villages Photos
I think SS is still used as a sales center, just a scaled down version, LSL is closer to the newer developments.

ewstanley 11-16-2007 01:07 AM

Re: Villages Photos
I remember my first digital was 3 megapixel and I paid a couple of hundred for it.
It is a dinosaur now.
I have replaced it with a 5 megapixel.
I love photography and hope to be able to spend more time taking photos when we move to TV.

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