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Guest 02-16-2008 02:28 AM

Talk radio is now in real jeopardy. The calls by Dems and Republicans to reinstate the Fairness Doctine are coming up again. When the Dems were in power and talk radio was railing against the latest scandal or dumb bill they were proposing, the Republicans were just fine with it. Now since the Republicans have had their man in the White House the last 7+years and talk radio has come after them AND the Dems on illegal immigration, prescription drug over-benefit and during this cycle, McCain, Huckabee, Shrillary, BHusseinO, the Fairness Doctine that was abolished years ago is on their lips.
Obama used some of his silky word code saying: "We need to balance the media..."
Lindsay Graham: Calling talk radio "Loud folks"
Trent Lott: "They are a problem."

They want conservative talk radio to balance their programs with the "other side point of view." How do you do that? They are talking about what they feel passionate about. Who do they ask on the show? There have been more liberal shows, like Air America which belly flopped quickly. Liberals just aren't funny. They aren't entertaining. You have to get an audience to listen to get sponsors to put commercials on so they can make money.

This is just the Socialist way to squelch debate. This would force so many regulations, paperwork and even ideas on listeners.

Talk Radio is the electronic Town Hall of our day.

So here's the bottom line:
If Talk Radio hosts loose the freedom to talk about what they feel passionate about, WHO WILL LOSE THEIR FREE SPEECH NEXT?

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