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xmeister 01-10-2015 10:17 AM

Golf Cart Improvement Ideas
Hi there ... I am looking to hear what improvements / enhancements you have made to your golf cart (please include golf cart manufacturer).
Sample improvements may include, noise reduction, golf glove holder, grocery package holder, how to mount a license plate, etc.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

graciegirl 01-10-2015 10:23 AM

Just to remind you. Some things are borderline offensive. ;)

Cedwards38 01-10-2015 10:31 AM

Get two peel and stick, battery powered LED lights and attach them to underside of the roof of your cart to make an inside light for each seat. I use these often. Most will require additional sticking power or they come down. I took some peel and stick foam and attached four pieces around the edge of the light to give it added strength.

Cedwards38 01-10-2015 10:32 AM

Got the plug in power attachment installed, and also bought an inexpensive plug in to allow for phone charging in the cart.

Cedwards38 01-10-2015 10:33 AM

Coleman golf cart heater works great on small bottles of propane. Keeps it cozy this time of year.

TheVillageChicken 01-10-2015 11:20 AM

I put a bicycle handlebar bell on mine to let pedestrians that I am coming up from behind.

ssmith 01-10-2015 11:25 AM

cheap heater
We bought a 14 dollar plug in electric heater from Harbor Freight. Works great!!!

dewilson58 01-10-2015 11:26 AM

Custom ignition key.

DonH57 01-10-2015 11:40 AM

I put in some interior lighting, a secondary accessory plug for phone charging, and car stereo I can plug my i-pod into or listen to sirius radio. I need to find a real good loud horn since the horn that came with it is a real joke. It sounds like the horn on a kids toy car.

redwitch 01-10-2015 12:31 PM

Seat belts. Extended tailpipe for gas cart.

missypie 01-10-2015 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by redwitch (Post 993347)
Seat belts. Extended tailpipe for gas cart.

Where can I get retractable seat belts for my cart redwitch?

TheVillageChicken 01-10-2015 01:49 PM

I had mine made "Historical Section Ready".

Sable99 01-10-2015 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by graciegirl (Post 993257)
Just to remind you. Some things are borderline offensive. ;)

Love it! Go blue!

nkrifats 01-10-2015 03:32 PM

Same heater in my cart. Does not heat cab very well

Dr Winston O Boogie jr 01-11-2015 08:29 AM

I needed new batteries recently and I was informed of a new battery called the Ranger. It gives you 160 minutes of operating time. I can now go over 50 miles on a charge. The cost was a bit more, but I avoided having to have the cart altered for an 8 six volt conversion.
Best thing I ever did for my cart.

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