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bridge up 02-14-2015 12:27 PM

Wanted! water volley ball shirt
Can anyone help me find a thick neoprene shirt, long or short sleeve, to play in this weather. I was told there might be a place in Sumter Landing (?) that carries some. I would prefer a store close so I can try it on before I buy.
Thanks for your help.

fl boomer 02-16-2015 08:04 AM

Neoprene jackets
You could try Two Maidens (ladies swimwear store on Canal Street at LSL). I purchased one there 2 years ago, but you'll be lucky to find one. Most people order online from liquid,, etc. to find one. We checked all the local sporting goods stores in Ocala & they did not carry the jackets. Good luck!

Jim 9922 02-16-2015 09:30 AM

There is a dive shop on the East side of Hy 441, South of Ocala before Hy 328 (near where the highway splits and there is a sheriffs office located there) that sells wet suits and vests. They will help fit you. They are a bit pricey but are of high quality. Having played all winter, my suggestion is to get a shorty (keeps your core body warm) and one that zips down the front, not the back. A vest is OK when the weather warms up a little bit more.

bridge up 02-17-2015 05:42 PM

Checked that shop and they no longer carry the neoprene tops. I guess online it is...
Thanks for your help

bridge up 02-17-2015 05:43 PM

The dive shop does not carry the heavier tops.

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