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Dmstetson 03-07-2015 04:40 PM

Thank you Anchor Design Center
I worked with Debbie and Melissa, at Anchor Design Center, to decorate our house. They are just wonderful to work with. I am not good with colors or design, and they prevented me from making some really bad mistakes. I just love my new living room. Even my husband loves it! If you want some guidance, and some fun along the way, you may want to reach out to Debbie and Melissa.

rubicon 03-07-2015 05:05 PM

We used anchor Design and I partly support your opinion. However this company also owns the painting store around the corner. We had to call them back to have the entire house re-painted because they did such a lousy job. To add insult to injury I recently had to go back to them to get a small amount of paint to match one wall because I had crown moldings installed. I explained to the owner that it would take just one small amount on the brush to cover the white from painting the molding. The owner tried to tell me the whole wall needed to be painted and asked a painter who was in his store to vouch for his opinion the painter aid loudly its not true you can blend it. The owner then insisted he could only mix just a small amount and forced me to pay for an entire gallon. Since the paint I stored dried out I had no choice. I knew he was lying and the painter who was waiting at my home for me to return with the paint so he could finish his job knew the owner and validated my belief that the owner could have mixed a small amount

It was not the gallon of paint that disturbed me it was the fact that this owner(Anchor) tried in a flim flam fashion to hustle me for a lousy gallon of paint.

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