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2BNTV 03-11-2015 07:13 PM

Directv or Dish?
Being a big sports fan, I have Directv as my provider. Their product is great but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, as they have a lot of rep's, that are a storehouse of misinformation. They wouldn't know good customer service if it hit them in the face. Most of them think their job is to just warm their chair. I am also not thrilled, as their rates seem to change, from month to month.

I was thinking of changing to Dish as their rates are more reasonable. I have looked up Dish on Google and their reviews are terrible. I don't want to change just because their rates are lower, if their product turns out to be inferior.

Has anyone had experience with Dish and how is the quality of their product?

I know Comcast customer service is the worst ever, but is their product superior?

Any options available at a reasonable price? I prefer to have all three services with one carrier. I am still waiting two years to combine their bill with Directv!

Whatever happened to competency?

Avista 03-11-2015 07:19 PM

We have Dish. Pleased.

MikeV 03-11-2015 07:35 PM

We have DirecTV. Very happy.

justjim 03-11-2015 07:45 PM

All is well with every provider I've had until you have a problem. Customer Service is a problem with ALL OF THEM IN MY OPINION! You just live with it and go on your happy way.

TNLAKEPANDA 03-11-2015 07:48 PM

We have Dish at our TN home and like it. I see a lot of Direct TV dishes in the yards here and hardly ever see a Dish Network. Not sure why. They all tell you how great they are!

redwitch 03-11-2015 08:53 PM

I had DISH. Every time it rained hard, would lose satellite for a few minutes. Don't seem to have that problem with DirectTV. Another issue was one I discovered when I cancelled DISH, you have to ship them the equipment at your expense. There is nowhere local to turn it in. Customer service seems to be generally dismal with all of them except Brighthouse.

champion6 03-11-2015 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by justjim (Post 1027201)
All is well with every provider I've had until you have a problem. Customer Service is a problem with ALL OF THEM IN MY OPINION! You just live with it and go on your happy way.

justjim nailed it!

I went with Dish when we lived up north and still have them here. I upgraded to their Hopper about a year after moving here. The installation went well and the whole-house DVR system is great.

NIPAS K-9 03-11-2015 09:41 PM

Direct TV Ive had dish was not happy. Direct is better in my opinion

jblum315 03-12-2015 03:56 AM

I've had them all. Thinking now of selling my house and moving to Brighthouse area.

Kahuna32162 03-12-2015 06:54 AM

I'm a big college sports fan and have always found that DISH has better packages. We also have the hopper and whole house DVR system and have been very pleased.

TNLAKEPANDA 03-12-2015 07:13 AM


Originally Posted by jblum315 (Post 1027291)
I've had them all. Thinking now of selling my house and moving to Brighthouse area.

Brighthouse has very good customer service (by cable standards) far better then most. BUT their equipment is 1990's vintage and lots of issues. For that reason we will be switching to either Xfinity or Direct TV next Fall.

I would not sell my house to move to Brighthouse territory. They could be bought by Comcast at any time. LOL :Screen_of_Death:

Jdmiata 03-12-2015 03:33 PM

Sports fan ? Directv is the only one with NFL Sunday Ticket.

LittleDog 03-12-2015 04:05 PM

I've had Directtv for at least 15 years and in all those years I have contacted customer support and have not had any problems with them. Occasionally I have had problems with messages saying I haven't subscribed to a channel but that has always been resolved. I have also had new receivers and a hd dish installed without any problems and it was done without any delays.


PattyCakes 03-12-2015 04:38 PM

Had Dish for several years. They do great installs, but unfortunately their "repair" issues are handled differently by sub-contractors. For instance, lightening struck an oak tree behind our house on neighbor's land, and it destroyed one of our hi-def receivers. They sent a replacement receiver about a week later, but there was no one to install. Had about 6 appointments with technicians, all of whom either cancelled or just were no show's. We went back to Comcast who does actually employ techs in our area. Direct also has their own techs. When you are at the mercy of sub-contractors, it seems your priority is not necessarily their priority.

xcaligirl 03-12-2015 05:42 PM

We have Comcast ~ service is the worst I've EVER seen! (except if you walk into the comcast center which was discovered after hours of a runaround from the 800 customer (non) service). Their sports is not very good either and that's only my opinion! I did get NBA League Pass which is only rated as "okay". I had ATT UVerse and it was decent but I do think Directv has the best sports. Good luck with your search.

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