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NavyCO 09-15-2015 04:35 PM

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I am a Villager just like you, and used to sell the water systems and tested water so I know a little something about H20 and the need for water treatment. The water is generally pretty good in the Villages, not hard, doesn't require salt, and if you just want to be sure your appliances last longer and you don't get "scaling" read on....

THERE ARE CURRENTLY LOTS OF HIGH PRESSURE SALES PITCHES IN THE VILLAGES PUSHING PEOPLE TO BUY WATER SOFTENERS, and not only does it happen, but two days after my wife and I moved in, we got a pitch from a guy (name of firm will not be mentioned) that sounded much like many of the high pressure pitches I've read about in other TOTV articles. These pitches are usually scare tactics from the get go, and I was personally quite amused as I listened to the BS this guy was putting out. He knew just enough to upset an older person. So I just let him go on, and yes he said if I listened to his pitch I'd get a gift card (which I did only after pressuring him to give it to me). He knew very little about the EPA, EPA water quality standard and testing (and I used to work for them in the federal government), water treatment plant processes, etc. The bottom most sales say is BUY OUR SYSTEM costing 3-5K dollars now, or you'll be sorry.

I installed a simple WHOLE HOUSE system using CPM Plumbing for my new home, and here is what I did. I first went to KILEY & SONS and they do sell several, but the one they push is (very small) $450 installed, but too small for a 2000 square ft. Theirs was meant for a house of 1500 sq. ft. The one Kiley pushes a lot is half the size of this OMNI system CPM installed for only 100 dollars more. Later I checked out FERGUSON plumbing in Ocala for really high quality, high end Whole House systems (they sell for about $1700 just for the filters alone, and that is NOT installed) and the plumber would cost you about $350 to install it (of commercial grade), and finally I called my friends at CPM Plumbing (they are some of the finest plumbers in the Villages) and work on the Morse family's homes. I read LOTS of information about TAC process, Magnetic process, Electronic processes and softners and that is why I settled on a simple but sufficient system withn an electronic descaler instead of a softner for our new home. CPM installed a whole house system for me for $595 and it is great. (SEE PHOTOS ATTACHED). Next I purchased a DE-SCALER Electronic system from AQUA GENESIS LLC which can be found at for a great price of $399. Kiley and Sons wanted $600 for the same kind of unit installed--a total waste of money as I see it. Anyone can install an ELECTRONIC DE-SCALER unit for about $400 in about 15 minutes or less--very easy to do. That is the case with the unit I purchased online from Aqua Genesis (SEE PHOTO OF MY DESCALER INSTALLED BELOW)

So the BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: you can install a Whole House filtration and an Electronic Descaler system for just about 900 dollars total cost. THERE IS NO NEED TO WASTE MONEY ON KINECTICO, PEGASUS, OR ANY OTHER EXPENSIVE WATER SOFTENER. The water in the Villages actually is well below and meets the EPA water standards which is what you should be concerned with--not stupid salesman or their scare tactics. See my photos and do it yourself, and call CPM Plumbing and ask for Nick to help you out. Tell him Robert sent you. I have provided you with the email information that Aqua Genesis sent me containing their special pricing. Just go to their website and read for yourself, or give them a call and ask lots of questions. If you should want more info, call me at 352-812-7353 as I have answered lots of questions from other Villagers about this stuff. CPM Plumbing did a good job putting the Whole House filter system in, but YOU can install the Acqua Genesis unit yourself.


YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND LOTS OF MONEY TO PURCHASE OR LEASE AN UNNECESSARY WATER SOFTENER SYSTEM FOR YOUR HOME. Many plumbers or water softener firms are telling you that you need them. You don’t. The product that I personally use (and which you can come by my home and see) requires no more salt needed, and is very easy to install. It is an electronic de-scaler called ScaleWatcher 3 Star which you can see below how I installed it in my own new Village home myself, or view it at the official AquaGenesis Website. Click this link, or cut and paste in your browser to view the webpage, and tell others about the company that Robert Knauer, (one of your local Villagers) recommends: Home

I want Villagers to know, just like me, that a Scalewatcher de-scaler really works on your hot water heater, dishwasher, and faucets to HELP KEEP CALCIUM AND OTHER DEPOSITS FROM OCCURRING.
You can even come to my house to see it in action if you just give me a call in the Villages at 352-812-7353.

Scalewatcher is sold by many companies in over 40 countries (it is NOT a brand name). We bought ours from Aqua Genesis Co. who has great customer service and a lowest price guarantee. If you have questions you can call Aqua Genesis toll free at (866) 532-3083 and talk to them about what theirs does. The basics are that using a "de-scaler" provides an eco-friendly way with electric fields that cause the hard minerals to come out of solution and become suspended flowing out through the drain instead of attaching to your water heater element, faucets and showerheads. Over time it dissolves and eliminates pre-existing scale in showerheads and water heater elements saving energy and maintenance. The ScaleWatcher 3 star model offered here is considered by experts "the Cadillac" of the electronic descalers and it is effective with the hardest waters.

- Prevents & removes lime scale
- Provides whole house protection
- Extends life of appliances
- Saves Energy
- Water feels softer on skin and hair

- Easy DIY installation (no plumbing work)
- No salt or chemicals
- No maintenance needed

Water Filtration, Aqua Genesis 3 Star Scalewatcher Unit - Robert Knauer (Village Rep. For Acqua Genensis) - The Villages, Fl OR TO
Aqua Genesis Co.
420 Vista del Mar Dr ~ Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Toll Free (866) 532-3083 Email:[/B]

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