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paulat585 01-10-2018 05:36 PM

Carport Ceiling problem...
Hi, we have a prefab home on the Historic Side. The carport ceiling looks like it was made from several pieces of drywall (and a handy man told me that this was the case). Anyway, it is beginning to sag & the seams look like they are separating. Has anyone else had this type of problem? And if so, what type of material is code for this carport that is exposed to the weather? It looks like I will have to replace it in the future.

mbraun179 01-11-2018 07:58 AM

I own a home on the Historic side and just repaired a small section of my carport that was ripped off due to the wind. My carport along with most all the carports up here are constructed of 12" wide by 3" tall metal roof/ceiling panels joined together one at a time. Mid Florida Metal roofing co. carries this material 352-742-7070.

rustyp 01-11-2018 09:39 AM

Lowes also carries these metal panels. These things kind of snap together. Unless you fill the valleys with Styrofoam and sheet on top of that then cover with roofing (like membrane) it won't be entirely leak proof. Almost leak proof but water can find its way into those seams in a driving rain. If it is just a carport (not some sort of lanai or screen room) I would take the drywall down. BUT you have to figure out how the drywall is mounted. If someone simply put sheet metal screws thru the drywall into the pans you are going to end up with a bunch of holes. Good luck.

paulat585 01-11-2018 12:11 PM


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