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jimemac48 05-09-2019 09:56 AM

Turn off Bluetooth to get voice
I just spent 5 days on my Lifestyle visit and I had downloaded the Villages GPS app. At first it didn't talk to me so i checked some settings on my phone..Volume up..check..then i turned off Bluetooth since i didn't have a speaker in the Cart (Rental). Wala...she talked to me. The directions were perfect on the cart paths!!. Also good directions by car to and from Orlando Airport. My daughters stated that when they come to visit they will down load the app. They loved it. I hear folks say it cost $5.99. Folks you just bought a 200K to who knows how much home. I don't think $5.99 will break the bank for a very useful everyday tool. I told others who were doing the LSV at the pool about it they said sounds good and they would buy it. I fully endorse this app!!!

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