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VILLAGERBB 07-09-2019 12:26 PM

Sciatica nerve
What do you use to stop the nerve pain (especially in the calf muscle)? Pressing on the nerve helps a lot. Has anyone had any luck using a TENS pulse machine?

anothersteve 07-09-2019 12:55 PM

It may sound funny but I found these guys on you tube.
Absolute Best Exercise for Sciatica & Herniated Disc- McKenzie Approach. - YouTube

I had sciatica really bad and these guys really helped. When I do get the pain now it's very minor. When it used to get really bad I saw somewhere that you should sit on a tennis ball. You need to work the ball to find the right spot. That really worked well when driving. I feel your pain!

VILLAGERBB 07-09-2019 02:16 PM

Thank you Anothersteve.

NotGolfer 07-09-2019 04:23 PM

I have a TENS...and it's a very short-term "solution" (it doesn't do anything long-term). I tried the PEMF treatment with The Villages Health (you don't have to be a's out of pocket and they do seminars from time to time). It helped but their unit isn't in our budget. A friend told me about OSKA Health, which is much/much less expensive AND it's also where you can take it with you. I ordered one. I've been doing PEMF for well over a month and many of my pain issues are either better or gone.

Also will's not a snake-oil solution. Been there, done that so did my research before going this route.

Also didn't look at the video the other op gave you...but it may be your perifimis muscle (maybe that video addresses that) and there are stretches you can do.

retiredguy123 07-09-2019 04:39 PM

There is another thread on this website about the PEMF treatment. If you research the FDA website, you will find nothing on it that approves that device for sciatica. And, there is a letter from the FDA posted on the FDA website to a company that sells the device threatening them with legal action for making false claims about the device.

wincherr 07-09-2019 05:05 PM

Google “yoga pigeon pose”. It’s easy and gets easier. A few good stretches a week and mine has disappeared.

VILLAGERBB 07-09-2019 06:52 PM

Thank you all for your input. I do a series of stretches every day/evening but struggle to maintain a pain-free calf. The piriformis kicks up now and then plus I have plantar faciitis which requires stretching, taping, ice/heat/massage and acetaminophen. It is exhausting but I know one day this misery will end.

leftyf 07-10-2019 10:07 AM

I have been using an inversion table for about 30 years.

Bellaboy 07-21-2019 11:34 AM

I'm so confused! And sad. It's been a month. Dr. Said arthritis, hospital said sciatica, osteoarthritis. Physical therapist, sciatica. I have done everything they said. I'm realizing I'm basically on my own. It helps to know I am not alone, but I can't help wondering about the future.

Nucky 07-21-2019 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by VILLAGERBB (Post 1663127)
What do you use to stop the nerve pain (especially in the calf muscle)? Pressing on the nerve helps a lot. Has anyone had any luck using a TENS pulse machine?

Tommy Copper Compression Sleeves work miracles for both of us.

I am in crisis this very moment with pain from the knee down. I've done about 50 laps around the inside of the house. The Pool is very helpful also. Good Luck. :pray:

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