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mskaggs 05-04-2021 03:50 PM

Comparing Epoxy floor to Square snap-in tiles for Garage
I am getting a quote on both—epoxy from Miller, and tiles from Custom Closets. Two totally different systems. Can anyone compare them, or give pros and cons?

davefin 05-04-2021 03:53 PM

I went with epoxy as floor is NOT level for tiles to lay correctly.

retiredguy123 05-04-2021 04:13 PM

I would prefer the epoxy. But, I did install the Costco Motofloor tiles in a garage in Virginia. It was a very easy DIY project and worked well. I think snap together tiles are better suited to a concrete floor that is old, stained, cracked, and is difficult to prepare for an epoxy coating. But, if your floor is in good condition, I would go with epoxy.

Dan9871 05-04-2021 04:55 PM

You can get really interesting looking floors with RaceDeck garage tiles,

RaceDeck Garage Floors | DIY Garage Flooring | Made In USA

rjn5656 05-04-2021 05:20 PM

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I did Black Dog tiles after expoxy started chipping.

villagetinker 05-04-2021 06:49 PM

I friend has a plastic(?) tile interlocking squares that have been down for over 10 years. Still good condition, but you do occasionally hear a click as you walk across the floor. No idea of the brand as this was installed by a previous owner.

EdFNJ 05-04-2021 09:22 PM

We did epoxy from Mr Miller. Looks fantastic. However when car A/C dumps it's water the floor gets quite slippery (even with double++ sharkbite). Also, since it is not porous like the originl unsealed concrete was it takes quite a while to evaporate so it stays wet & slippery. Considered the tile, actually bought a bunch to to try and just didn't like it. Epoxy looks great, Miller does an A+ job you just have to consider the pluses and minuses and what is best for you. Been almost 3 years, no chips dings or dents.

peddieace 05-05-2021 05:36 AM

Went with Miller when we bought our new home. Outstanding. Still has a gloss shine.

Villages Kahuna 05-05-2021 05:45 AM

How do you clean the dirt that accumulates on a garage floor from under the tiles? Usually I have to sweep the garage floor at least once a month, even rinsing it out with a hose every now and then. How does that work with snap-in tiles?

Rwirish 05-05-2021 05:46 AM

Used Miler, did a nice job. Shine does not last where water sits on it and the fading looks bad. For example, under the car where the car AC will leave water.

RSapp@2019 05-05-2021 05:49 AM

The epoxy flooring last forever with no maintenance and the durability, shine and look is beautiful.

rmd2 05-05-2021 05:58 AM

I also did epoxy 10 yrs ago (with extra shard). It still looks great and safe when wet.

2A supporter 05-05-2021 06:07 AM

Another possibility to consider would be heavy duty roll out floor mats made of polyvinyl.
American Floor Mats website has a variety of types and sizes. Delivered to the house in tubes and just roll out and trim with a utility knife if necessary. We used them for 13 years in our last home before moving here.

Ndomines 05-05-2021 06:45 AM

Epoxy vs snap tile
I have done both on a large scale. WARNING
NON-skid is absorbed by the epoxy. It must be applied while the epoxy is wet. Once dry fir use a little sand or water on the floor and your feet will slide out from under you.
Some one will get hurt and a lawsuit should be considered. Their is no aftermarket solution. It looks gorgeous, its costly and very dangerous. You have been warned.
The plastic tiles in our 6 car garage held up very well. Very attractive. Install is very quick. Downside is dirt and water gets trapped under them, bet the geckos will love their new hideouts underneath. If you have non leaky vehicles, no oil, brake fluid or battery acid use the same stuff that folks get put on their driveway. Get Solvent based.
Regrettably our garage floor looks like very highly polished granite, beautiful and dangerous as hell. Anyone tell you different its because they are still on the learning curve.

QUOTE=davefin;1939605]I went with epoxy as floor is NOT level for tiles to lay correctly.[/QUOTE]

Sportster 05-05-2021 06:53 AM

We have a new place in St Catherine. Would love to have the garage floor epoxy coated. Can someone put me in contact with Mr Miller? What does it typically cost?

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