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Talk Host 11-29-2006 03:09 PM

Growing up in Weirton, West Virginia
Weirton was a steel town. We had a huge steel mill and virtually all the men worked there. It was a big operation and everybody made a really good living. They were all proud of what they did, regardless of what part they played in the Steel making operation. My dad was in labor relations and dealt with union grievances.

Slowly but surely foreign imports poked a hole in the domestic steel industry. Today, Weirton Steel Company is an empty shell with broken windows and trees growing in the gutters. How sad. Every time I visit my home town now, it really depresses me. It's almost like a hollywood movie in my head as I can picture the way it use to be, specially at Christmas. The giant is dead.

I just don't know what the people who still live there are doing for a living.

Tell us a little about your growning up years.

RayO 11-30-2006 02:42 PM

Re: Growing up in Weirton, West Virginia
I can relate to your story, as I think most of us can in some way. I grew up in Kansas City, MO, my dad worked for TWA. They operated a large overhaul base just north of KC with their own runways and all (of course) for test flights and bring the jets in for service etc. When the 747 was introduced around '71, I don't remember exactly, the KC airport couldn't support the 747 because the runways weren't long enough, and the river prevented making them longer, so they moved the facilities out next to the TWA overhaul base. The old airport became a small local airport and started going downhill quickly, along with the area around it. That area is depressing now, as I imagine a lot of Detroit and other auto plant towns will become soon.
We need to realize and expect change, like it or not. We are now in a global market and the world is a new place. Like our communication now on our little note posting board!! When we were growing up this would have been a bulletin board at a community center MAYBE, now it is world-wide for anyone anywhere to access.
I am excited about all the information available to us, and I do hate to see some people lose their jobs and all that, but there are also many new jobs opened up too. Let's just hope the changes are mostly for the good!! ;D

Talk Host 11-30-2006 07:57 PM

Re: Growing up in Weirton, West Virginia
Hi Ray,

I worked in Kansas City back in the late 70s. I remember TWA as a big player there. Too bad it has gone bust. One can only imagine how that stuff happens.


iaudit 04-21-2007 03:42 PM

Re: Growing up in Weirton, West Virginia
I am from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where Bethlehem Steel was the main employer for almost eighty years. They went bankrupt about five years ago, after I worked there for almost 34 years. The steel property is slowly being developed but it is difficult because of the thick foundations, type of buildings, location, etc. The one area was just granted a slots casino license but I'm not sure that won't bring more problems than it will cure.

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