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dandt 04-20-2007 12:08 PM

Wifi in The Villages
What are the chances that The Villages will go wifi community wide?

Talk Host 04-20-2007 05:02 PM

Re: Wifi in The Villages
Is that a question or are you asking about the odds? ;D

dandt 04-21-2007 06:07 AM

Re: Wifi in The Villages
It was a question. I've heard that it's been discussed, but of course there are stories about everything "being considered." I've seen several communities listed recently that have become wifi throughout, so am wondering if such a development might be possible or likely here.

Talk Host 04-21-2007 06:11 AM

Re: Wifi in The Villages
It would be a wonderful thing if they did. I can't even imagine what a thing like that would cost them. When a community does it, do they charge the subscribers for use. Like a hotel, where you have to go to their home page and sign in.

I wonder too about the technical aspect of it. I guess they would have to go around and put transmitters everywhere. Sounds like an expensive which would not return an benefit, other than good public relations.....unless they charged a fee.

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