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JohnZ 04-23-2007 01:27 PM

Iraq - Should We or Shouldn't We
At the start of this whole mess in Iraq, I was supportive for one reason and one reason only. Colin Powell, a man I greatly admire, a soldier's soldier like Omar Bradley, straight shooter and as genuine as can be, told us that based on the intel that he had at the time that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He bought in so I bought in. Now it turns-out it ain't so with WMD's. Colin resigned being the noble man that he is and we are left with a damn mess. Colin cautioned that if we break it....we gotta fix it. Well it seems to me that after a couple of years, it's not fixable. Our sons and daughters are bleeding for nadah or so it seems. I say let's bring 'em home. Opinions?

larrydube 04-23-2007 04:01 PM

Re: Iraq - Should We or Shouldn't We
Should we be in Iraq? I can't answer that question and I was there. My National Guard Unit was activated in 2004 and I was given a pass because of my age (57). But, I fought that decision because it was not right that the younger guys should go and I wasn't. Did I go because of 9/11 or because I thought they had WMD's or that I believed in George? No, I went because we were told to go. As a member of the armed forces (even if it wasn't regular army) I had to do my duty.

Do I think we are welcome in Iraq? Not in the least. Are we doing good things over there, damn straight we are. There are things that our people do over there that never make the news. Are we helping to rebuild the country? Sure we are. But, (I agree.... at what a cost). We are in the middle of a conflict that is older than we can believe. Will the Sunni's and the Shiites ever be able to live in peace? I really don't know.

We are trying to rebuild a country while ours needs rebuilding also. What do we do about New Orleans? I spent a year in Iraq and then 5 months after getting back I spent 2 weeks in New Orleans. And look at it now... still not rebuilt, still not recovered, but we are still in Iraq. Can we do both? It doesn't appear so, or New Orleans would be rebuilt or at least well on its way.

Should we be in Iraq? I don't know. What I do know is that we should (and we are) support our troops that are in harms way and we should keep on asking these type of questions.

JohnZ 04-23-2007 05:19 PM

Re: Iraq - Should We or Shouldn't We
Thanks for the response. I absolutely support our troops. I wore a uniform during the Vietnam conflict and I know what NO support is like. Heck, it was downright hostile at home. I love those serving in the armed forces, which is why I posed the question to the forum in the first place. I know our troops do well where ever they are and that they meet the challenge head-on while enduring hardship. I also know that they do a civil good in Iraq, building infrastructure, power systems, schools, hospitals whatever is needed.....there's no disputing that. The question that looms, is why.....why are we STILL in Iraq? What's the mission, what's the objective etc. etc. It sure looks like they're developing strategy on the fly. I know that day-to-day ops and short-term i.e. 30 day/6 mo. battle plans are highly detailed and thought-out. What I'm talking about is the larger picture. Oh....and a question you raised in your last post.....we're rebuilding their country 'cause we broke it (words of Colin Powell). Smart 'em. Wish he'd run for Prez.....heard his wife would fear for his safety if he ran for office and/or gets elected. Nothing scares Colin.....nothin bro....gotta respect the guy for adhering to his spouse's wish. That's a helluva guy. Yep.

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