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Old 08-23-2021, 05:11 AM
thevillages2013 thevillages2013 is offline
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Originally Posted by JCheatham62@gmail.com View Post
My husband and I are looking to find a home in The Villages in the next 30 days. Where can I find information on whether or not we can have a fence installed in the back yard for our two dogs ?

Thank you,
There are cottage/ranch and designer homes in Pine Hills village with fenced backyards so you are not limited to courtyard or veranda. Chances are that if it doesn’t have a fence you can’t build one. Be careful on just taking the word of a real estate agent. They may tell you that you can and they will show up to dig the holes for you to get you under contract
Old 08-23-2021, 05:27 AM
jack.hunter00@yahoo.com jack.hunter00@yahoo.com is offline
Join Date: Dec 2014
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No fence.

Invisible fence only.

Maybe a Courtyard Villa would be better choice
Old 08-23-2021, 05:55 AM
DaleDivine DaleDivine is offline
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Joe V. View Post
I have had dog doors for over 40 years, here, in SW Florida and Texas. Only my dogs ever went in and out of them. Maybe my houses were an exception.
I too have had a doggy door for years with no critters coming in except the ones our dogs and cat brought in.
We live in a CY villa now with a doggy door and our Jack Russell goes in and out all day with no worries. Plussss, she USES OUR BACK YARD TO DO HER BUSINESS. Not the neighborhood yards.
Get a CY villa or a Veranda with a fence preinstalled.
Old 08-23-2021, 05:55 AM
Papa_lecki Papa_lecki is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2020
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We have a dog. When we were looking to buy, we thought about a fence. Now that we are here, don’t need one. Honestly, it is too hot to leave the dog outside during the summer.
Old 08-23-2021, 06:19 AM
Ptmckiou Ptmckiou is offline
Join Date: Mar 2021
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Default Fences

Lots of new houses South of 44 have fenced yards. The large ones called Verandas and the smaller ones are Courtyard Villas.

Above highway 44 the only ones I’m aware fenced are the small Courtyard Villas.

You are not allowed to put in a fence. Only when a house is constructed is a fence put in, so you have to find a resale of a courtyard villa or go to the new area where there are lots of fenced yards.
Old 08-23-2021, 06:33 AM
nativetex nativetex is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2021
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I have a dog and moving to The Villages on September 1. I had two realtors tell me the Villa homes are the only ones allowed to have fences. My neighborhood has brown vinyl fencing. My Labrador must have a fence so I bought a Villa.
Old 08-23-2021, 06:41 AM
Lindaws Lindaws is offline
Join Date: Oct 2020
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Only invisible fences allowed.
Old 08-23-2021, 06:42 AM
Dlbonivich Dlbonivich is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2018
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If it is there you can have it. The homes that are allowed a fence are built with one.
Old 08-23-2021, 06:44 AM
Jayeagley56 Jayeagley56 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2021
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Or Verandas
Old 08-23-2021, 06:49 AM
richs631 richs631 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2018
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If the house doesn’t have a pre installed fence 99% sure you ain’t getting a fence
Old 08-23-2021, 06:55 AM
Pachine58 Pachine58 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2020
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Just moved here and had same dilemma. Most new houses if you can find one have the 3 foot fences or you need to get a patio villa. So we instead bought the house we loved and put in invisible fence. Cost around 2 grand, works fantastic
Old 08-23-2021, 07:23 AM
butlerism butlerism is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2020
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You mentioned another point.
Only one dog per household s allowed.
Not two.
You will need to cover that as well.
Old 08-23-2021, 07:38 AM
JSR22's Avatar
JSR22 JSR22 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2011
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Originally Posted by butlerism View Post
You mentioned another point.
Only one dog per household s allowed.
Not two.
You will need to cover that as well.
2 dogs are allowed in most of the CDD.
Old 08-23-2021, 07:45 AM
capgeo capgeo is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2020
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Default No way Jose

Too many rules, many are ridiculous and before you buy in tv maybe you should think it over. Great place for many BUT not so great for others. If you are an avid golfer and are going to use all the amenities maybe it’s for you. I moved here 3 years ago from CT and after renting for 3 months and learning the rules and getting familiar with the area I decided to buy a home about 15 minutes away from tv. When I factored in the hoa fees for many things I didn’t need or want and all the rules I bought a home for a bit more but no rules or hoa. You have a big decision so make sure you weigh all your options. Good luck.
Old 08-23-2021, 07:47 AM
joelfmi joelfmi is offline
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Location: Long Island NY
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Default To be transparent here you will find their are a lot of con's buying at the villiages

Having done my due diligence using talk of the Villages form. I would advise you before you buy check out what owner have said about living here especially rentals, golf, weather, bugs, traffic, and being the friendly's town on this form, you would be surprised.

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