TOTV NFL Survivor League Announcement and Rules

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Closed Thread
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Old 08-13-2015, 06:06 AM
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Default TOTV NFL Survivor League Announcement and Rules


NOTE: I am sorry to tell you this, but week 1 started at 8:30 PM on Thursday, September 10 so you are out of luck this year. Be on the lookout for the TOTV 2016 Survivor League in August of 2016.

Welcome to the second annual TOTV NFL Survivor League. Last year, the league ran nine weeks before we crowned CatskillBill as the winner. Msher8 and scroll tied for second place. All in all, it was a very good year.

I will be running the league again this year on behalf of TOTV. The league is absolutely FREE for all registered TOTV members that want to participate.

As a bonus, the TOTV Advertising Department has agreed to make it even more exciting with CASH PRIZES for 1st and 2nd place!!!

TOTV will take a portion of the money that they receive from all the sponsors to provide cash prizes to give back to the users:

-1st place - $300 - sabresbills04 - 2015 League winner
-2nd place - $100 - Mr Jamie - 2015 League Runner-up

The TOTV Advertising Department is happy to do it and asks only in return that you use a sponsor on the site if you need a service, etc.


You must be a registered TOTV member. If you don’t have a username, it is easy to register at the top of the site.

You must enter your pick for the first game in week one to register to play.

You must post your pick in the forum called: “TOTV NFL Survivor League” found in the “SPORTS TALK” forum under the correct week thread.

No new players will be accepted after the week one registration period ends.

If a user forgets to post their pick in the designated section for any reason, they will be eliminated.

You may only pick each team ONCE over the entire season. For example, if you pick New England to win in week one, you cannot pick them again for the rest of the contest. If you manage to "survive" to the end of the season, you will have selected 17 unique winning teams.

You pick the winning team from one game each week (just who will win/lose, no spreads).

Pick a winner and you get to keep playing the next week.

Pick a loser and you are eliminated.

If a NFL game ends in a tie at the end of 15 minute overtime, both teams are eliminated.

Each Tuesday, I will set up a Week# thread in the forum. You will put your pick into that week’s thread.

The Thread name will be:

Week# - first game date – first game time – deadline entry time

NOTE: All times are Eastern time.

All you need to do is click on the Reply button and put in your post the team that you pick to win that week. When you post, the entry should look like this:

The team you pick to win

All entries must be in 30 MINUTES before the start of the first game for the week. Please remember that the first game of every week is on Thursday, except for week 17 when all games are on Sunday. The info in the thread title will let you know the deadline entry time.

The Week thread will be closed at the deadline entry time (Eastern time).

These are the rules. It is very simple.

Additional Threads in the TOTV NFL Survivor League Forum

There are four additional threads in the sticky section of the TOTV NFL Survivor League Forum.
1. TOTV Survivor League Weekly Game Dates, Times and Deadline Entry Times

This thread is a list of the week numbers and the dates and times of the first game of the week and the deadline entry time. All times are Eastern time.

2. TOTV Survivor League Status Spreadsheet Times

This thread is the overall status spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains a list of all the players, the teams that they have picked, which players are still playing and which players have been eliminated. There are two attachments. One attachment is a snip of the data in the spreadsheet for viewing while in the thread. The other attachment is a PDF file that you can save and print out if you have Adobe Acrobat.

The spreadsheet will be updated after the deadline entry time when the Week thread has been closed so you can see who picked what team. The spreadsheet will be updated each Tuesday morning so you can see if you are still playing or if you have been eliminated from the competition.

3. TOTV Survivor League Status List

This thread is the overall status list. This is a list of those that are still playing and those that have been eliminated. This list will be updated each Tuesday morning.

4. TOTV Survivor League Comments and Questions

This is the thread is where you can post any questions or comments that you have about the league.

Here are some extended rules and common FAQs:

Can I change my pick during the week?

YES. You can change your pick as often as you want. No changes will be allowed after the deadline entry time.

Does the season end after week 17?

YES. There will be no playing into the playoffs. If by some miracle the survivor pool ends in a tie in the final week 17, the total of $400 ($300 for 1st and $100 for second) would be split equally among whoever is left.

Does each player make the pick for week one and then the next Tuesday-Thursday (prior to game time) make the pick for week 2, etc. until/unless they are eliminated?

YES. A player only makes a pick for week 1 and then on the following Tuesday to the deadline entry time makes the pick for week 2, etc… unless they get eliminated.

How do we do ties at the end if there are any? What do we do if everyone gets eliminated?

Let's say in Week 9 there are seven players left and all get eliminated at same time. Then all seven players would get to play again in week 10. If four players get eliminated in week 10, we play on with the remaining three players. The eliminated four are out of it and are no longer eligible for the prize money. If, in the subsequent weeks all three get eliminated at the same time, they keep playing until one or two get eliminated or until week 17. Once we are down to one player still alive, the league is over no matter what week it is.

There can only be one winner for 1st place but 2nd place can be split. If there are three players left and it ended with one winner and two non-winners, then the two people that lost would tie for second which would give each of them a $50.00 payout. If there were seven players and six of the seven lost, then we have a 1st place and six teams would split the $100 2nd place prize. Of course, there could be other combinations which we would work out.

If, by some miracle the survivor pool ends in a tie in the final week 17, the total of $400 ($300 for 1st and $100 for second) would be split equally among whoever is left.

Last edited by zcaveman; 11-09-2015 at 07:24 AM. Reason: Add winner and Runner-up to prize line
Closed Thread

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