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Anniversary Cruise... Help


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Old 01-23-2019, 07:34 PM
TwinTurboViper TwinTurboViper is offline
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Thank you...very interesting

Originally Posted by Ronnie61 View Post
I was in Paris The week after Thanksgiving. I used the hop on hop off bus. It is hard to get on and off. Sometimes it’s crowded and it’s hard to find a seat as well. I really wouldn’t recommend it if you have a hard time getting around. We did stay at a hotel that was within a 10 minute walk of the Louvre, the Musées Dorsay and other major locations. I’d recommend getting a hotel that is very close to the major attractions that you want to visit and then simply use Uber. I used it several times. it was very easy. I got door-to-door service for short distances from the hotel and they ran $5 to $13. I think that’s the best way to get around given your situation and if you have a limited mobility. Also, I’m 57 and even I never visit more than 2 sites a day. Have dinner at the Eiffel Tower and pay extra for a window seat. Romantic and your wife will love it. If you Uber, you can choose when you want to walk through places like the Garden if the Tuileries and not be tired. You’ll be able to enjoy your trip. I’ve been to Paris about 6 times. It is my favorite city in the world. Versailles has gotten really run down and the queens compartments are under renovation and have been for a few years and dates haven’t been given for completion. The gardens are really the only reason for the trip. There is little to no accommodation for the handicapped and I saw maybe one elevator. So many stairs there. If you’re dying to visit it, make a call. They have people who speak English. One thing you should spend time on is picking restaurants. Best food in the world. Take this chance to really enjoy the cuisine. That doesn’t necessarily mean super expensive. I remember my first trip to Paris I used a Frommers guide and went to some inexpensive places and the food was awesome. I took a tour this time to the Champagne region but there was some walking and standing. I think you could do it just don’t be too proud to tell them you need the elevator when they take you underground to visit the cellars. One more point. If you’re going all the way to Paris, consider 5 days there, then take the train to london. Can be there in 3 hours. If you are religious or catholic, the Vatican is amazing. So Rome could be a second alternative but it has far less to offer than london. Good luck to you.

I forgot to mention. I booked my hotel and airfare for two through Tripmasters Europe. Cost of about $2000 including a hotel that normally runs $400 a night. Breakfast included everyday. Yes. I only paid $1000 and my girlfriend ( girls trip) paid $1,000 for an entire week. It was also her dream trip and she was recently widowed. Look up Tripmasters Europe. They always have deals.
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Worked in Paris
Old 01-24-2019, 09:23 AM
PennBF PennBF is offline
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Smile Worked in Paris

I was fortunate to work in Paris (LeDefence area) for a couple of years and would suggest a few things. 1.)go to Barnes and Nobel and buy a book on Paris and study its sites, transportation (e.g. Metro system), Restaurants, currency, etc. When you arrive you should be able ot know all about the city as though you had lived there. 2.) Do not use expensive taxi's as Metro system is great.3.) a good way to prepare for for the city is to take an American Express 1/2 day tour, sit in the front and mark on a city map the places you want to go back to,4.)If you elect to drive in the city which is not that hard remember the 3 rules of driving in Europe which we don't do in the US..(1) Don't look back and remember the driver, regardless where you are.. on the right always has the right away, (2) Don't drive in the passing lane unless you are passing someone, (3) signal when changing lanes.
I have driven into Paris on Sunday night and around the Arch and it was packed but remembered the "driver on the right always has the right way and it is like a dance where every one jus keeps moving to the right as they turn off the side streets, etc. If you intend to walk from site to site, you may want to mark the sites on a city map and identify the distances between sites with a ruler, etc and you will see that in some it is too long a distance thus the need to understand the Metro system. They really don't have violent crime at the level of the US but they have an abundance of "Pickpockets" so take the appropriate precautions to protect your money. Always count your change on the Metro as they do make mistakes..These are just some observations that may help. As far as a cruise is concerned I would be more interested in which ship to take since some of them are terrible and some really good. GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATULATIONS.
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Old 01-24-2019, 09:59 AM
CFrance's Avatar
CFrance CFrance is offline
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You can buy metro tickets at a machine next to the turn styles in most stations. Be sure to hold onto your ticket until you exit the metro station at which you arrive, as you may be asked to present it at any time, even after leaving the train and walking to the exit. If you don't have it, you receive a fine.

Every metro station has steps down to and up from. Some have escalators, at least one, up by Montmartre that is five stories underground, has an elevator. I mentioned Uber or taxis because you said you had issues with walking.

If you take the metro, you will be mostly underground, seeing nothing. There is a public bus, #42. The 42 bus route begins at the Gare du Nord train station and cuts diagonally across Paris going through Place de la Opéra, past the grand Garnier Opéra, around Place de la Madeleine and Église Madeleine, through Place de la Concorde, up the lower Champs-Élysées, across the Seine on the Pont de l’Alma bridge, along the Left Bank quais of the Seine, through the Champs de Mars and around the Eiffel Tower. (Copied from the web site mentioned below.)

Bus #69 is another great route, going west to east across the city. Try this site and click on the links. It's a web site for apartment rentals, but it has useful information.
Happiness is when your life on the outside matches your life on the inside.
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Old 01-30-2019, 04:23 PM
TwinTurboViper TwinTurboViper is offline
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Once again I VERY MUCH appreciate everyone's help. You've given me many ideas and suggestions that will be helpful.
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Old 01-30-2019, 06:03 PM
OmniTours OmniTours is offline
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Originally Posted by TwinTurboViper View Post
Once again I VERY MUCH appreciate everyone's help. You've given me many ideas and suggestions that will be helpful.
Hi Twin Turbo Viper!
We would love to help you plan the perfect cruise!
Feel free to contact us, if you would like...

"Personalizing Group Travel"

Toll Free: 877-787-OMNI (6664)

Toll Free FAX: 877-787-6658

OmniTours - Personalizing Group Travel - Dance Cruises & Group CruisesOmniTours | Personalizing Group Travel – Dance Cruises & Group Cruises
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anniversary, hard, appreciated, greatly, dream

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