Animal Lovers Needed to Attend Meeting


Animal Lovers Needed to Attend Meeting


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Old 08-18-2017, 12:44 PM
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If you want to know what is going on at the Sumter County Animal Control, *like* this page.

Warning, it's disturbing.

Shelter Reform for Sumter County, Florida - Home | Facebook
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Old 08-18-2017, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by angiefox10 View Post
We ARE supporting the Humane Society and THEY ARE supporting us.

The issue is they are killing 32% of dogs and cats every month. If one of YOUR cats gets out and they pick it up.... You have three days to claim it, before it would be killed. Often times they don't even get a photo out in time.

Only three days in Sumter County to find your pet. You better be there EVERY day... AND you can't just go there. You have to go to the Humane Society to have someone take you over to Animal Services.

Because of this situation, if someone finds a pet in Sumter County they will often times drive to Lake county and call that county, who is already a successful No Kill Shelter, to come and get it so it will not be killed.

Because Lake County is getting many of our animals, it does two things. One, you won't know to go to Lake County to find your pet and two, they are handling two counties instead of their one. Therefore... Lake county is ALSO supporting us.

Now... to why WE got involved.

I run Lost Pets of The Villages. If you lose a pet I will do everything in my power to help you get it back, including going to your hood and talking to as many people that I can to get more eyes looking for your pet. I will tell you what has worked in the past for other owners and blast out in social media, calling the radio station and Community Watch. to find your beloved pet.

If you find a pet, I will come to your home and scan the pet, and do everything in my power to find the owner. Including going door to door and driving around the hood to find them, blasting out on social media, calling the radio station and Community Watch.

Because people don't know how to find their pets, I also post on PetHarbor and Craigslist for you as well as letting the appropriate county know about the lost or found pet.

I do this so that YOUR pet doesn't go to Animal Services. I do it as fast as I can, in case your pet is old and needs meds. Understand, if your pet is old and needs meds... that pet will not make it out of Animal Services. So, if you want a cheap way to kill your pet... Don't call me.

Back to my story.

On July 11, 2017, Sumter County sent a change to the SOP that going forward Community Watch was not to call me but to call Animal Services to come and pick up YOUR pet to take to the shelter.

As for Lake and Marion counties, I could still be called, but NOT Sumter. BTW... what county do you live in?

Long story short, I called the county and requested a change. I came up with several solutions for a fighting chance to save our pets and all were rejected.

Now, we will continue the process of changing our Animal Services to a No Kill Shelter.

This is an elderly community. People do not know how to look for their pets. Some don't have the means to travel to the shelter, and why should they if I can get the pet back?

As the "number of animals allegedly killed by this shelter". Those number are THEIR numbers. Although,I'm told they are not correct. Since there is no transparency, there is no way to know.

A No Kill shelter will help keep the Feral cats down, buy doing a TNR, Trap Neuter and release, which doesn't appear we have in this County. We need the feral cats to keep the rats and mice down. Many cities ie. New York are using them for just that purpose.

In the almost two years that I have been doing this, I have learned that the dog or cat that you think is a mongrel... is oftentimes someone's beloved pet.

I do not get any money for this. I do it because I care.

For all of those who are supporting us in this effort, THANK YOU

Angie Fox
Lost Pets of The Villages
I admire your work. Our Abby Gale is a rescue and she is the BEST. My BIL said that a dog knows when it has been rescued. I agree.
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